Succubus lover

I have grown quite tired of humans qhen it comes to romantic relationships i am curious about starting a relationship with a succubus. How is this acheived in the first place i know how to evoke which im very proud of. What do i do? Do i ask a certain demon to bless me with a succubus? Please give me solid advice from someone who has acheived this



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The best thing with this method is that you can pretty much do the total opposite of the advice giving there, and still end up with the same result. Why? Because INTENTIONS, that’s why.

And if you’re successful, you’re in for the “ride of your lifetime”. Now, that’s literal. mind you. :wink:


What exactly do you do after the ritual petition

Ok. So i did the ritual to lilith but have only noticed a few times of touches which were not sexual in nature just brushes on my skin. Is this natural ? Is the process slow? As i have asked for a long term commitment not just a one time thing with a spirit lover. Which leads me to my next question how can i open up my senses to my spirit lover?

Touches is the first sign of a successful ritual. Did you acknowledge these touches and encourage it to continue? Acknowledgement can be crucial and without it, they move on or give up trying to contact you. Very few succubus and incubus entities are persistent at start, taking their advancements of approach with utter respect towards the recipient.

They do have a lot of patience, so she’s probably lingering close to you and will approach you several times until you get physically used to her energies and acknowledge her existence. Don’t rush this. You have no control at the introduction stage. She has the control and is the active force to establish your connection.

There’s several ways to open your senses, but when it comes to these kind of spirits, it’s not necessary at this point. Most of them have the knowledge to open your senses for you. That’s why there’s a big chance that you could experience a lot of things that will put your senses to the test. Your ability to see, hear, smell, taste and feel might get challenged. When she discovered your strongest sense, whatever that may be, she will focus on that particular ability to interact with you. That’s how it worked for me.


I am acknowledging her touches saying thank you even felt energy kissing my lips unusual but it is being acknowledged


@succupedia Do they sometimes show up without being summoned? I think I may have had one last night which I did encourage but it only went as far as touching my legs n torso. Started with a light touch on my foot when nothing was there, I said thank you and then in bed later I woke with my heart pounding and this tingly sensation on my thighs and chest and kind of pressure on my lower ribs and abdomen. I said thank you again and stroked my hand like I was stroking someone’s leg. Then today in the bathroom with my shirt off it felt like hands on my chest and someone pressed into my back.


That is a possibility. And when that happens, it could be any type of spirit, not just a succubus.

How do we know it’s a succubus/incubus? As I’ve experienced, they have physical attributes that makes them unique, and that applies to any kind of spirit. They have different energy patterns, too.

Your experience seems like a succubus using her more subtle “neutral” approach and manifestation. She seems gentle, curious and careful towards you.


I had one night (where I actually prepared for it like a date) that nothing happened but then the next night (last night) she was back, the sensations were stronger this time.


May I ask - this was after working with Marbas and you’ve been trying to get into your Beloved’s mind with Duke Dantalion?

This entity, is she anything like you know/imagine your Beloved to be like physically?

I’m experiencing something very, very similar - and I’m pretty convinced that it’s my Beloved as physically it’s exactly how I imagine him to be ( and no it’s not a supermodel body but he’s my super model) - he’s in his fifties so I know what a mid fifties portly chap looks like nude. Yeah so what - it’s my thing…

You may well have this around for a while - I’m hoping so :heart_eyes:

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I only have sensations, I haven’t actually seen anything of the entity so far. I feel a tingling on my body, pressure like weight sometimes. It was in small areas to start, larger areas last night. Mb tonight I can get an image of her. Mind you, I would be happy if the entity was anything like one person in particular :wink:


When you sense these energies, where is the connection point on your end? If you know where it is, that’s where your focus should be directed.

My connection point is on my head and Crown Chakra. It’s so strong that I can lean towards it, and it resist and push/press back. I sometimes do a “free fall” exercise, too. Not entirely. Just enough to feel the energy resistance.

There’s no limits of how you practice to enhance your newly found ability. You know why? Because you know your body and mind better than anyone else.


I had an experience this night. I belive it to be a Succubus, but maybe you can better clarify it @succupedia

So when I went to bed this night, I simply visualise the Blood Moon because I wanted to ask Lilith if she would be willing to assist me develop my charm. As I was laying in my bed still having the image of the Blood Moon in my eye, I started to get all kinds of images all having a blood red colour (i didn’t recognise none of it). Then I started to have sensations like strokings on my leg and message like sensation on my Sheogorath. It felt loving and mildly sexual.

Whom would you suspect I came into contact with?


It sounds like a succubus type of spirit, but it’s too vague to validate it. Their touches, when you really put a focus on that, is actually beneath our skin, on the layer where the nerves are. And when they are giving us more intimate pleasures, they go physically and mentally deep in a literal way.

Since they are of low frequency, their movement is usually slow when interacting with us, and their weight can be heavy. And their physical interaction is bodypart-bodypart, instead of full body manifestation. It’s easier to feel their full bodies between the layers of fabric textiles, such as clothes or bed sheets, because textile is a perfect conductor of energy and electricity.


I couldn’t say exactly where the connection point is because it can be legs for a time then arms, hands, etc. At one point it was ankles up to my lower ribs

By “connection point”, I was referring to your physical connection to sense energies and spirits. Do you feel like you have a cap/hat/headband on your head? Do you have sensations on your head that feels like invisible hands caressing your hair? Do you feel like someone is drawing lines at the side of your head? That’s a “connection point”, as I see it.


Ah, I get you now. If I had to guess I would say that it would be my hands although there is also a point at the back of my head

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It was pretty much how it felt. It does fell like it’s under my skin, and that’s a welcoming experience.

Any final tips you wish to share with me? I am going to see if I can reestablish contact tonight.

There’s no “final” tips, because I’m still learning new things as well.
When the foundation of connetction is set, you just have to “wing it” and learn with what you have and know, right now.

Focus and acknowledge the presence of the spirit.