Succubus influence?

I have had strange acts of kindness happening around me and it started ever since I summoned a succubus. Can she influence people around me and is this a way of her showing affection?

Yes, she can influence the people around you, the succubus herself can give you affection.


Where can i find more information on succubi’s powers and gifts.


I don’t know, maybe if you use the search button? There are some people here who talk about succubi all the time :slight_smile:

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Succubi is the theme for this week if people keep on talking about them.


People should talk about them all the time, they are among the best things in the occult

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This is the post that has all the information you need


They are awesome!

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I’m sure they are, i don’t have one but yes they are amazing beings, i would love to be friends with them.

Unless you are friends with benefits with them or you have that kind of relationship where people say “my girlfriend/boyfriend is my best friend”, I think that your expectations are quite boring and you won’t feel very satisfied

I have read all of succupedia’s blog on word press and I’m getting closer to reading it on here. I have more questions about them but I can’t get the answers from any where. I have been bonding with my succubus for awhile know and I’m finally getting some traction with her.

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Let me rephrase that i meant by the relationship with succubus i can be friends with my succubus’s friends if she has any if she doesn’t its fine, yes a sexual relationship.

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I’ve met some succubi randomly (actually it happened two times), one in my pre-magick era and the other one recently during a Gamaliel working, but my succubi and my incubus have never brought any of their brothers and sisters to me, maybe because they are already too many

Who knows how many brothers and sisters they have.

More like of the ages now. Anime succubi, arty succubi, RPG succubi. Theyr’e here, they’re horny and they’re out for everyone.


They are a legion, I often summon them for baneful magick, yes, it can be done, it may not sound logical but sexual demons are stronger than you may think

Its not i’m not going anywhere i’m right here, come get me, anime succubi.

Baneful magic huh, do they question your motive.

Why would they? People say this kind of things sometimes and I don’t know if I’m in a LHP black magick oriented forum anymore