Succubus impostor?

I’m kinda writing this half-asleep, but a few minutes ago I had this weird encounter - as I laid on my couch and tried to drift to dreamland I started hearing faint whispers, like when my underdeveloped astral hearing is on and then I started visualizing my room. As I started I haven’t even got to visualize every detail but a red-skinned succubus (like Darth Talon red) straight from some fantasy artwork was dancing next to my couch, doing some oriental moves with her hips and KHM… assets.

She looked at me with a seductive gaze and smiled and as I thought about how she’d look better with normal human skin, she changed. She also started changing parts of her body asking me “Do you like it?” and “Would you like to touch?” to which I only answered “I’m only looking tonight, I had enough fun today”. She started laughing and said that I’m funny and started acting more seductively still keeping her distance.

I tuned into sensing mode and I felt a really-really faint feeling of lust coming from her, and I felt that my root chakra was vibrating with that same lust energy, but it felt weird, like it was fake. When I stated that her energy feels weird, she stopped dancing and started hissing on me. I stood up and held one of my arms towards her, then she turned around and left. What was weird that a few months ago I would’ve been scared, but I felt really weirdly calm and collected…

What was she? Could she be a rogue succubus or some impostor preying on random people?

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I’m curious about what just happened - though I’ll try to go back to sleep for now. G’night everyone!

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Sounds like a succubus, do as you please with her just be careful.

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Hm… it was weird how offended she became when I told her how her energy feels weird. I also said that I didn’t call for a succubus and she laughed at that too.

Also the whispers stopped after she left - is this “normal”?

Actually its sounded like she were a Lamia a snake women simliar to those you read or watch anime manga or tv shows about monster girls

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I haven’t noticed anything snakey about her but might be the case

I think you will never know until she comes back, if she doesn’t she was never yours

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I’ll ask her if I see her again :grin: Still, it was very random.

They are as varied as people are.

Could this be offensive to them? Like talking about how their energy feels?

She sensed that you were able to perform the intercourse, but you refused. The feeling of weirdness might have been a self defense mecanism of your ego when being in front of a experience that might have threatened it, basically, your worldview saved you from being terribly shaken when it deemed that you shouldn’t, or that was triggered by another part of yourself that deemed that or a similar thing, and you went along with it, which might have being insulting to her, because she was willing to put all her meat in your barbecue.

Edit to add: What I described above is very similar to the very well known fear of success


I’m only tired and I don’t think I have too much energy left 🤷 I declined her offer mainly because of that, and that I have to wake up in the morning :sweat_smile:

The next time try letting yourself be loved, if that is your will, even if you fall asleep in the middle of it. Also, keep a writen record of your dreams, but this won’t go anywhere if she was just randomly there and is not like those who wait for decades until they are noticed

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Not necessarily. It does still come down to the individual entity, but she should’ve expected reactions when she came in cold calling.

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I was thinking of doing a letter to Lilith or making an artificial servitor like in a former thread: Succubi: A Lot More Useful Than Just Astral Screwing

But yeah, I’ve been slacking on documentation, I should get back to it.

i thought she might have been a lamia which is a snake person because u said she hissing at u, and that what snake do

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