Succubus Feed On Human Partner

If Human partner told his succubus to feed only from him and stop feeding/drawing energy from any other source, what are possible consequences for this?

The entity should respect your wishes or discuss with you if that’s a problem. Same as any relationship where one partner has a request of the other partner really.


Okay, but still not the full answer.
I meant what would happen in terms of consequences of feeding.

That would be really inefficient if you want your succubus to become really strong.

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It depends on the dynamic between you and your succubus, how it feeds, how well you regenerate, if it’s energy needs are higher than what you can give.

If it’s feeding vampirically off people around you, I wouldn’t see that as a good sign that you can do enough to keep it well.

I suggest you look into energy cultivation techniques and have sex with it a lot more to feed it sexual energy rather than your regular qi.

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Because you would want to give her as much energy as possible if you want her to develop her skills. Limiting her feeding sources would be a bad decision.

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