Succubus alternatives

Is there an alternative to succubus for the “light”. Succubus are obviously demonic. I was wondering whether there is a version of succubus for the heavens? Lol


I hear angels can be rather kinky as well. Even more so than their demonic “counterparts”. So ask for an angelic nocturnal encounter and let us know how it went :sweat_smile:


Ask for an angelic spirit guide with a kinky side?

Actually, idea. Send Gabrielle and Lilith-esque letter of intent.

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Fertility and love is their deal, let her be your etheric matchmaker.

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In my opinion the divide of “fallen” vs no is fake and human-made. As such, succubi/incubi are already what you’re looking for - the type of spirit that has an interest in humans.

Those entities labeled ‘angels’ have thier personal preferences, you’d have to ask them. There are a lot that like humans, like Azazel. and a lot that don’t.


Lol who do I ask for an angelic nocturnal encounter?

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Succubus/demons and heavily versions isn’t a thing. They’re their own races. Each with their individual desires and interest, so there are lusty angels just as there’s lusty demons and lusty fae etc.


XD thanks for your input man

I recognise the fact that there are “lust angels” and stuff but I just don’t know how to find one.

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The same way you find a lusty demon, you evoke an angel who is willing to get down and dirty with you lol. Even if it’s an open invitation to any angel.


Nymphs can be a good choice… :thinking:


lol wtf

I’m almost tempted to impy you say their enn or chant and sexually lick one sigil/seal while rubbing another on your nethers humping it thinking sexy thoughts of you and the being you so wish to get the attention of. Its straight and forward. HEY xysyx LET’S FUCK!

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Vibration of love rather than vibration of increase pleasure? That can be attained without another. Actually, I suppose any of it can be obtained without another. Another is used to resonate and reflect what you project and amplify off of even others kind of like a wave of energy coming from a source and when it hits something within that field of like target (think like an expanding sphere of energy) those points activate and resonate their spherical fields. In terms of music I suppose its activating a choir and each voice creates a louder chorus.

You start off as a solo and decide to ask and hope for those asked to be accepted into your new band. Angel, demon, whatever are just the album covers.

Its a thought anyways; be it accurate to others or not. Maybe you’ll play a long rift.

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Evil isn’t real and darkness doesn’t hurt it’s allies.


I am wondering the same thing…How are nymphs like? Will they start messing with me? Like I am not looking for trouble lol. How would I summon a numph?

Fae are amazing but that’s just my bias with my connection to them lol. However they can be tricksters to those who toy with them.

Nature fae/nymphs can be evoked through connecting with nature or nature deities who have fae/nymphs under them like Dionysus, Pan, Cernunnos, Epona, etc.

It’s best if you let a high ranking demon enable one to come to you for they can be quite tricky when it comes to fulfilling certain terms.

They can also be very mischievous and possessive too so it’s best if you have a higher entity to help you find your match.

Specify your requirements. If it’s an open relationship, sexual or serious, state that.

You can summon them through the letter requirement. However instead of asking for a “Succubus” state that you want a “Nymph”.

Write this letter to a being like King Lucifer. He can help with this. Then make sure to give an offering.

There are many other Demons like Lord Roseir. He can also help with this cause he is a Demon of love.

In conclusion, Nymphs are many things but they can be very loving partners.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Hm. Hmmm…

Going to play with some fae nymphs? XD

Maybe. I dunno how eager I am to get in a relationship with a spirit I don’t already know. The ones I call up frequently enough interest me, however. Like, for instance, Cernunnos seems like someone I’d want to consider. I dunno how that’d work out, I’ve never brought it up to him very obviously but he seemed to know.

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