Success with King Paimon

Hail King Paimon, and thank you. Over the past few months i’ve had great success with the great king.

When i first initiated contact with him he stormed toward me which greatly startled me. He had long flowing rew clothes that covered his entire body. There was a very bright orange light that eminated from around his shoulders and upper torso. I knew nothing of him, so this was a shot in the dark which was had me literally shaking. I began to ask questions about what he required of me and if he could tell i was afraid. His reply was of a very soothing and friendly manor. “You know what to do if you dont want me here.” Taking that as confirmation and a powerful answer to my question, i continued on to test the waters and see if i could perform a minor luck spell. To my surprise it was a success, for the size of this spell it yielded rather quick, and rewarding results in my realm of finances. I asked for more hours and great over time, i got it as well as a raise. The very next day i went home lit my Red candle, gave him a Gold peanut butter pretzel Hersheys and some whiskey to thank him. He asked me to partake in consuming some with him in which i did. A few hours pass and i am now done with the thanking ceremony, then he asks me to accompany him on a walk(of course clairvoyantly.) I was shown a temple of flames in the desert painted white. Upon entering this temple i saw a hige life of his spiritual followers bowing to him chanting “King King King King Pai Pai Pai mon mon mon mon mon!.” I approached his throne to find him sitting and gazing into my energy tapping his fingers on the golden seat. I started to fade due to the fact that my physical body began to tire in my waking state, so i chose to call it a day. Then the next day he suddenly left (myself assuming the work was done.) said fairwell and before he left he told me i needed to decide what i wanted (if i was afraid to work with him or not.) “I’ve proven myself, now… prove it to me that you want to work together.” Were his last words.

-Now a month later
I have been working very closely with him and had even more success, moving to a new state and receiving a new job within the first 3 days of being here. So funny because now when he delivers successfully and before he says “i want a candle when you can give it.” Also (as i mention he showed himself in red before. He now shows up in red but with a females face and green eyes.)


Incredible experience! Keep it up ! :grinning::kissing::kissing::kissing:


Good work, thanks for sharing!

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Congrats to your success

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How did you initially complete contact or communication? I tried a similar task tonight and I wasnt fully prepared I would like to think


Congrats on your endeavor with the great King Paimon…

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I had gotten a black candle and drew his sigil, I opened it and he came rushing up. The first time, I visualized the sigil opening like a portal and after i saw him rush up I heard his voice which actually was not loud like EA said. (I head him telepathically) though now I hear him clairaudiently.