Success Magick Damon Brand Experience and Enochian Magick

So I’ve been meaning to work through the Success Magick book by Damon Brand which I have to say is very eye opening. I worked through a few of the rituals and felt the energy coming from it, when you do the rituals or when I do them I get insights shortly afterwards and feel a pressure in my head. (a very strong energy)

My experience with the first ritual to achieve Vision gave me insights into myself almost immediately. I love it, I really reccomend this book on Enochian Magick, it’s not that complicated you just have to read through it and attempt it. Come in with no expectations and just do the Magick as stated. You will find new purpose in your life and truly understand what makes you happy. It will completely change your current perspective on success in your personal situation and there is a ritual called Development which helps identify your inner talents. I was blown away by this, I haven’t completed the ritual cycle as I only started not too long ago but I have already understood what it can do for me.

If anyone has experiences with this book or Enochian Magick feel free to comment it here, we can make this a massive thread. Just don’t go off topic too much cause my last Corborbath thread got derailed and @Lady_Eva closed it.


There are currently at least two threads already on this book.

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cause it’s that good!


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In my experience the Damon Brand books are very good


I’m on the 8th working , no big changes yet , but I’m so angry and annoyed all the time for some reason . Maybe it’s because of loneliness in isolation. I did get a new hobby That am very good at and realised I can make money doing it later as I always wanted to have a business and quite my job.

I read NAP and search for info on the book and saw that the people who knew NAP, knew the books of Damon Brand.
Is there any angel called Arzel? I’m going to download the book… I need the ritual of development. I’ll be there asking some questions of you don’t mind my friend :smiley:

The Arzel in NAP is believed to be the archangel Raziel. He is not part of the Enochian system.

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I read that he is part of Kabbalah and is one of the four air kerubins, under the control of Erzla.
Gonna read the books of Damon Brand…all the infos in every book have to be taken with care…

Kabbalah and Enochian are two completely different hierarchies. Raziel may be part of the Kabbalah, but he is not part of Enochian.

The Golden Dawn tried to combine their Hermetic version of the Kabbalah with the Enochian system and it resulted in the Enochian feeling like something that was just slapped onto it that didn’t belong.


Are Kabbalah and Enochian hierarchies of angels?
Can i ask you where are the differences? i didn’t read those…
I’m like stupid on this one, it’s only a year i’m into this.

Enochian is far too complex a system to explain in a post, but suffice it to say that, yes, they are different hierarchies.

Think of the Enochian Aeythers like different countries compared to the Sephiroth of the Kabbalah.

In the Enochian system, the beings are ranked as Governors and Seniors, instead of Archangels and angels.

The Enochian system is very powerful, and has been known to cause a lot of upheaval in people’s lives.

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I’m going to read this book aswell. I just want to have communication with spirits that want to get our race to the next level…friendly spirits.
have to learn a lot in magick but…are those rituals safe?
sorry for my ignorance…and really thanks for your time.

As safe as they can be. The Gallery of Magick has done a lot of work over the years to make their system easy to use and safe for beginners.

However, as I said, Enochian is very powerful, and even the simplified form of Brand’s book can cause some upheaval in your life because it sets great forces in motion to bring about major change so you have to be willing to ride out the chaos to get to where you want to go.


For now my friend i just want to know whats better for my life and make some friend up there , so if they see that something isn’t goin the right way they are there to protect me as the sign of their friendship.
something i want is to know how to be capable of doing everything i need: healing, evoke spirits, know the truth, be better at something…
Let me say, with magick we can do the impossible!
And other thing i need too would be astral projection, and astral senses… wanna fight some in astral! ahah thanks buddy!

Enochian magick might not be the best place to start with the things you listed. You can always check out what that book is about on Amazon.


Read 72AoM by Damon Brand and this other book by Ben Woodcroft I forgot the name of it. These are good places to start.

I am on Ritual 8 now, been repeating each ritual for a week. So far I haven’t felt anything, nor seen any kind of physical movement or breakthrough in any direction in my life. In short - nothing happened.

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I started Success Magick a few months ago.

I’m on 17 Abundance this week. I have been doing the workings every day as instructed.

Here are some observations and ideas:

As soon as I started glancing thru the book, I felt energy shifts.

I love the experience of this magick. It feels so good to do it, I feel so connected.

I notice that after I start a new ritual, I can remember how the topic of the current ritual was making itself known to me the PREVIOUS week. It’s like a lot of “ah ha now I get it it” moments.

Every time I open to a new square for the next ritual and gaze at it for the first time, I feel a connection, as if something is greeting me and reaching out.

This Magick is like nothing else.

I don’t want to sound trivial, but it’s as if life is a video game and I just leveled up.

I have a totally new ability/sense: I can now sense energy but I don’t understand what it means yet. I can feel waves of something. A negative example: A few months ago this homeless guy started screaming racial slurs at me and I was like “whatever dude” and after I walked by him I felt like something splattered against an invisible umbrella surrounding me, and even though I could sense it, it just dissipated. Like, WTF?

Now I get these energy feels all the time, along with the usual chills and hot spot sensations that I understand as Magick.

Friends have commented on how I’m changing, becoming more positive.

Things definitely seem easier overall. Like problems aren’t that much of an issue because I KNOW everything will be fine and work out for the best.


I was feeling so great that I decided to start up Brand’s Wealth Magick as well. I had started the first working but stopped when I wasn’t feeling it. I had been apprehensive about getting back into because of the upheavals that everyone mentions during the second working, and because of the potential darkness or depression that I have heard can be a side effect, but felt so confident that I knew I could handle it.

Well, I am doing fine I suppose, but at the same time I’m not.

I’m smack in the middle of the Omnipotence Transformation, and I am having horrible sadness, actually crying every day. I feel like I’m in mourning.

I was prepared for “disruption” that everyone mentions. Right now, the world is insane anyway so it feels like a good time to suck it up and change for the better. But I’ve had no major changes In my life except for feeling like I’m lost and in mourning.

My tarot cards all read the same thing, again and again (as well as big change cards like the tower, death, star, moon, sun, strength and the chariot ): the negative experiences of the past are coloring the present and I must learn to leave those experiences behind and not let the past determine the present and future. Things will be great if I can do this.

But I’m lost and confused about how to do this!

Strangely, I am confident that I’ll come out the other side of this in really great shape, but now I am miserable, and trying not to do stupid things to mess up my flow.

I’m in quarantine (as much as possible … I have to eat) so I also think I’m losing it a bit and I can’t discount that! I hugged a friend 3 weeks ago when we found out a mutual friend died and since I live alone that was the first and only physical human contact I have had since the beginning of March. I feel so sad and really alone.

But every time I do a Success Magick ritual, I feel so … right. I really appreciate this experience and this Magick.

That’s one thing that’s happening for sure: I am grateful, seriously grateful that I have the chance to do all this.

13 days left of the Omnipotence Transformation. I can hold out but I really don’t like feeling so unmoored.

Today I finish 17 of Success Magick.

I am wondering if I should start including singing the keys? I read them in translation and was fascinated, it felt like really embracing my natural authority in a way I hadn’t thought of before. I could feel a pull.

I’d appreciate any ideas, encouragement or input on all of this!


I’m on the 17th portion, Abundance. I’ve coupled it with an Enochian chakra energy work exercise. Notably, my creative writing has taken off. Most inspiration originates from dreams.
Bit of a warning, the success aspect of this is no joke and unpredictable.
I performed this working with an invocation of Prometheus, which kicked my ass soundly. I’ll make a post in the future.

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