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In your video The Apocalypse Of Belial - Live Chat on youtube you said that demons are changing your DNA so im wondering what you think about CRISPR and the development of gene drives as tested in mosquitoes.


if this Q/A thing is still going on then I have a simple question about how to do a blind invocation of the spirits currently around you that you are unaware of? For the newer practitioner that cannot see or hear spirits well and cannot simply ask who is the spirit. This would be for entities that they have not summoned themselves. How would one go about doing this. I have not been able to find an explanation online or on Youtube. Just curious to what you would suggest.


I did number 2 nothing noticeable happened but then I did #4 to summon forth and it worked almost instantly. No sigils none of that. I appreciate you posting this. thank you. I no this is old but I still wanted to say thx


Hi EA, I was wondering if you’ve had any interactions with Belphegor? It seems the name is one of the least mentioned.


Last night i felt evoked by Arkey Looge,
And it seemed to be a very liberating expierience.

I just want to ask about this:

Is the current work with Amun Lucifer Amaymon,
(if i even spell this correctly :smile:)
based on this ritual and expanding on what was opened up and got along on the way here?




Hello EA its me James i wonder if there is going to be a grimoire called Abaddon compendium volume 4, coming out after Azazel compendium volume 3.


Hello E.A, I am new yo magic and from Africa. I’m really interested in pact signing for religious purposes. Like seeing people’s problems, causes and immediate solutions like ceremonial magic. Pls which entity will help?


Also interested in instant healing. Tnx