Stupid cities, no place to practice

I live in Phoenix, I can’t burn resin incense because it sets off fire alarms, nearest open desert is next to my ex wife 30 miles away.

1i’m also having to relearn patience, as that seems to be in short supply lately.

I’m trying to get better at evocation, but I have nowhere to practice without driving for a decent distance.

My neighborhood is simply too dangerous to just go outside, and I don’t want to get tased by an overzealous cop who thinks I am on something.

It looks like my only options are to go to the hiking trails (if I can find any) and go “offroad” or to drive 30-40 miles.

Asking for ideas and thoughts on practicing evocation in places that don’t permit incense. Yes, the fire alarms are really that sensitive, boiling water for tea sometimes will activate them.


Astral evocation.

Essentially, instead of using a manifestation base like incense, you use a scrying device, like a black mirror. You view the spirit in the device. This is what I do, as I cannot have incense where I live either.

You call down the spirit as usual, but view it in the mirror (I use a bowl of water).


Water is a good element to use, also in a improvised ritual. I´ve had many rituals where I just can´t burn resin, burn incenses or burn candles and in those moments I´m thankfull that I have a pendulum, some water, my blood letting knife, my sigils and my nercomantic powder. Easy days.


I could have vast troughs of incense but I don’t like it and seldom use it - it’s not a pre-req for evocation IMO.

People can argue their evocations are so solid they help put up some shelves while they’re there but I get excellent results without that, though i work with partial, possession, astral evocation, soul travel, and more, as well. None of which need incense.

Anything that is in state-change helps, a candle maybe, but scrying on walls you won’t even need that. :+1:


Sounds good, I’m going to see what I can pull off with candles. I think I need to go back to square one after the upcoming ritual, I think I missed something somewhere.


Resins aren’t requirements to call in spirit, but if you truly desire it, the cemetery is usually empty in my city. Plus you then have the already opened portals there and the spirits there to assist.

I practice in the city sometimes lol.
Just need to zone out and forget that you live in the city.
Also, you don’t have to use incense. You can use fruits and plants for natural smells.

I’ve been using an old flashlight that flickers and aluminum foil (instead of black mirror or bowl of water). One time after a couple back to back evocations (Ronove and then Belial) I actually saw Belials legions looking at me from the textured ceiling in my bedroom later that day and I was not really trying to scry. That was a little much, but then I recall vaguely when I was younger being able to see some of the demons in carpets and stuff like that. I’m sure I forgot all about it because seeing things was considered psychotic.
I’m still picturing 500 years later people struggling to find flashlights and aluminum foil and worrying they aren’t practicing it the traditional way.



Right! Get your fire alarms checked and sorted. Life will be better for you and you’ll probably make new friends - like your neighbours.

Cities are great places for Magick! What’s wrong with you? If you have a window, close the door, turn off the light, open the window and perform Magick from your cave. Can be done really cheap. I use the Medieval Magician paradigm I stole from the mythos of the Order of Nine Angles so I use what’s available, rough and ready like they would have. Really freed me up.

If you haven’t already, start a pen and paper Magickal Journal. Something cheap and durable. Perhaps an inexpensive fountain pen just to set the whole experience apart.

Make your own set of 100% natural beads threaded with 100% natural twine, hemp, silk or cotton. Get a 100% natural drawstring carry bag as well. You workout how many beads. Start chanting and keep notes.

Get to know the Taro and don’t be afraid to use the cards actively as talisman - just don’t use the set you use for active Magick as a divination deck. Checkout patterns. Memorise cards and use as doorways. Keep notes.

Research banishing rituals and practice banishing until you get results. You will feel it and know. After that you can have a go at evoking. These exercises are really just so valuable and important.

Get your Magickal weapons. Consecrate them. Learn their uses. Someone published Random Notes as The 4 Laws of the Sphinx.

So there you go. No incense.
This world is Satan’s Temple and I am about My Father’s business in His Temple!

Hope that helped.

P.s. Get the fire alarms sorted. Do it for selfish reasons.


Take the fire alarm off, then put it back on once the smoke is gone. My mother would do it (I can’t remember why for, but she did… I tgink it was for cooking)


I mean, it might not be the best idea…

Burning of incense or candles as others have said is a great alternatives to resin burning for evocation. Besides these two, I’d suggest using rocks & water to invoke the spirit, hold the rocks with your bare hands, close your eyes, focus on the sound of the candle or the wetness of water, to intiatie. Best done at night time, when most quiet.


Wise words, we get so hung up on recreating the past and not looking towards the future, but the tools people used back then were cutting edge and they actually created new things (like Dee’s wax seal) out of then-contemporary technology. :+1:

The importance of evocation is to make a good connection with the entity in which you want to speak with, so you do not have to have coal, resins, or smoke in order to have a successful evocation. When I first began I was living in a house with several people in a small bedroom. My night stand was my altar and I had nothing but a drawn sigil with a single candle. Some of my most successful evocations happened in that very bedroom. Once you can get into a deep enough meditation to make this type of connection, your vision will do the work without smoke.

The great Franz Bardon said in one of his books, a true magician has the ability to project an image that he sees in his mind outward with his physical eyes that will create the image of the entity they are speaking with. This take a TON of practice but its doable. This is also why so many struggle with a “full evocation”. hone in on your ability to project what you see in your minds eye outward with your physical eyes, and your manifestation with come to be into plasticity.

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Maybe im just having issues with doubt and externally issues. I tried to do something outside on my patio which has some privacy, but i was still concerned about external crap and couldnt drop.

Too much to worry about. Hard to drop mind when being concerned about if the fire dept is gonna show up because some person saw smoke and called 911.

I have an extremely vivid imagination, so, i am half way there.

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At that house I was living at, the landlord put in the most sensitive fire alarms that were all connected to 1 system, so if 1 went off, they all went off throughout the entire house. Just to cook we had to open all of the kitchen windows, it was terrible. 1 evening I was doing a love spell using a 7 day pillar candle in my room around 330 in the morning, and the herbs and candle make the fire alarm go off and the entire house woke up screaming, “WHY ARE THE ALARMS GOING OFF”… Ever since then I always had that same sense of alertness lingering in the back of my mind (I did take the fire alarm out of my bedroom)… so I understand completely. You simply have to stop caring and just move forward. Which is more important, your magick or the fire department showing up over a little bit of smoke. Besides, it doesnt create that much smoke.

Practicing your meditation and shutting our chatter is the key to overcoming that lingering thought in the back of your head.

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This is something I PM’d a member recently, it’s very relevant here:

Did you ever do drawings like this at school?


An electric circuit and it has one or more switches, fuses, basically things that break the circuit and make the light go off?

Each time we plan a majorly complicated ritual with lots of STUFF, there is the possibility that any one of those things failing, or failing to work as planned, or having 2nd thoughts, or doubting if it was good enough is LIKE a switch, a circuit-breaker, because it introduces doubt about the power you have in that ritual and introduces the pass/fail mindset that the normie world insists upon ramming down our throats.

Magick isn’t as simple, it is subtle, it is about mastering one’s internal state and then projecting that in a manner that synchs with reality and thereby, uses your mind to begin adjusting reality, in your favour.

So the more stuff we use in a ritual, especially as beginners, the more doubts and fears and worry and fundamental feelings of inadequacy, ALL of which are like the OPPOSITE of wielding true magickal power, creep in, and make us vulnerable.

Some people find confidence in using tools, but that’s so obviously not happening here, the “training wheels” are making things harder not better. :+1:

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I know I’m being too hard on myself.

I called Amaymon in a mirror last night using a metal image of his sigil and my reflection. He told me to resume my journey with him into the Abyss.

Maybe smoke just isn’t my call…

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Seems good. I can never work out what I like least about incense. paying for things that I then set fire to, or getting my sinuses clogged, but it’s not my thing either. :laughing: