Stuff on Sigil Before or After

Okay so I decided to cover some Sigils with blood and semen before the actual workings later. Is that okay to do? I had intention of those as offerings anyways.


yes, you can give an offering at anytime unless the spirit (s) said to do it at a specific time.


Depending upon the purpose, you can use anything produced by the body to consecrate a sigil. Urine works perfectly for curses. I quite like spit. I chew the foot of a match into a brush (spit) and use it to apply the substance (usually blood) to the seal or sigil. As for timing I agree with Nagathex.



Im aiming to go all out because of my various purposes from another post I made

You could buy some Goofer dust from Amazon and spinkle Goofer dust over where your enemy walks so they walk in it and they should go away and die.