Candles, Blood, Semen, Sigils

Okay so I wanted to do a multitude of workings today with the following

Sitri- found an amazing girl and I want to have her fall in love with me 100%; plus sex

Lucifer- help with clairaudence and clairvoyance

Lucifuge- money to manifest in my life

I got 1 red candle, 1-2 blue candles, 3 white candles, a few small black ones, 1 silver candle.2 gold candles

Lastly I can just jack on the sigils and add blood with my lancets to my fingers.

What y’all think?


Also I just wiped semen on all the sigils; is it okay to still gaze at them even without a ritual setting?

Will put blood on sigils once ready to start

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Ok so here is the recipe… Direct from the Martha Stewart Spirit Cooking Guide.
Two parts semen
One part menstural blood
Three parts urine
A dash of shit and a pinch of puke
A few drops of tears are optional for taste and easy enough to maintain during the vomit process.
Then top it all off with a delightful Catholic communion host and a blood of Christ drizzle on top.

Serve slightly chilled and with a twist of lemon.
Take a big sip sit back close your eyes relax and…get ready for the vomit process again. Enjoy!

This beverage has been popular at satanic orgies since the middle ages and is sure to make a big splash at your next solstic get together… It’s a good thing!