Struggling to find true beginner magick

Ah I see. @DarkestKnight Thanks.

@Splug Thanks. I will try to find that free online too.

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Since you can’t get books, maybe youtube can help…

Can you get a candle?

There’s Connor Kendall’s Candle magick 101:

You could also do very basic reality alteration meditations. I’d search youtube for “stellar thoughts meditation” and “Brian Scott meditation”. You can use those immediately with barely any effort or knowledge.

Also youtube search for “Elmer locker meditation”. He might interest you, as well.

I’d really get your feet wet with those 3 YouTubers. They’re free and instant.

A lot of the “magic with k” type things, you are going to have learn and put effort into. I’m not sure how you’ll do it without reading thoroughly. You don’t necessarily need candles or incense, but you definitely need to get the books.

If you become able to get ebooks or physical books (remember libraries are free!), then certainly look into Damon Brand, Rose Manning, and Ben Woodcroft. They’re all easy to follow along.


I can’t get candles and cannot buy anything.
But as for the book situation, I ofcourse found that free Robert Bruce pdf.

Thanks for the YouTube and meditation recommendations. @Daedalus

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Why do you have so many limitations/excuses? I mean…you can’t buy candles…cant buy incense, can’t buy books (even ebooks), can’t find a dark place for structuring, can’t find time for petition spells, can’t do a large number of meditations, can’t cast spells for money, love or curses for some reason…

Its like telling an admissions officer for medical school that you want to be a doctor, but you can’t buy any books, don’t like the sight of blood, can’t practice on cadavers, unable to find a quiet place to study and can’t afford any tools like a stethoscope. I mean really my dude…are you sure you are serious about learning magick? Because I’ve been here for years and I don’t think I’ve ever read a post with this many excuses as to why they can’t do x, y and z. Like most arts worthwhile, there is a barrier to entry, and if you can’t get above that barrier, you are dead on arrival.

The first thing you need to do is fix your situation so that you are actually able to practice magick in the first place. I mean, if you can’t even buy candles…then your living situation isn’t conducive for practicing magick. Normally, I’d suggest some money spells, but you’ve already declared that you can’t do money spells for some reason:

You don’t need tools to make magick work…but for christ sake, you gotta at least be willing to dedicate time to perform things like petition spells. Petition spells are fairly quick and straightforward, so its concerning to me that you deem that as something you rarely have the chance to do…“once in a century.” And you need to spend some time figuring out what you actually want magick to do for you, even if its just improving your magickal abilities. This costs you nothing and requires simply dedication on your part.

So what exactly are you expecting us to tell you? Because there is no super secret/dank meditation that is so easy a toddler could do it, while at the same time being so powerful that just uttering the words will unleash a magickal whirlwind in your life that will blow open your third eye and allow you to communicate with any spirit you wish without any tools, and within a short enough time frame that someone as apparently busy as yourself will be able to do it in a 5 minute coffee break.


E.A. Koetting started out homeless doing magick in caves, an old graveyard, and an abandoned tennis court! @C.Kendall did magick with less!

There are no excuses for not being able to practice magick:

When I was homeless I didn’t (and couldn’t) have no tools:

Today, I am fortunate to live in a small apartment. I still don’t have any space for an altar. I do my rituals in my bedroom and my bathroom. I can’t light anything except for incense because I don’t want to set off my smoke detectors!

And there are many beginner tutorials on here.

There are no excuses.


Pathworking doesn’t require any tools, just your imagination. Jareth tempest also has free pathworkings on his site if money is tight… best wishes


@Verdo Well I probably can cast spells for money or atleast do some form of money magick but I guess I just wanted to do that for something more fun than money.

I will probably create a servitor for money soon now that I more or less know how to.

Now as for time, it’s not exactly that I’m busy, especially since I’m so not busy that I clearly have time to be on here typing all this. So it’s I guess not so much a lack of time as much as a lack of… I guess occasions might be the right word. It’s complicated.
But that’s not going to stop me from doing magick anymore.

I was finally able to find, download, and read the Magickal servitors book by Damon Brand thanks to y’all on here basically telling me what to type on Google.

I was able to (atleast in my opinion) successfully able to create a thought-form as described in another post.

I might be on the road to more success now.


@CyberLord Thanks for the links.
I will work around my lack of tools and places for magick,most likely by doing all the magick inside my imagination and building Thought-forms.

So those excuses are gone now.


That’s awesome that you’ve started!

If you’re into thought forms and servitors (and don’t want to use any tools) also check out the author “John Kreiter”. You may like him. Especially if, like you say, you wanted to have a bit of fun… some of his material is goofy and playful.

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I started with gallery of magick books , their books are easy to read and follow
Magickal cashbook
Mystic words of power
Chaos magick
Archangels if magick

I’ve been practicing for 3 years and I still feel EA Koetting’s book are a bit advance for me but you can read and learn a lot !


@Daedalus Thanks.
I will probably check out John kreiter.
Yes, I’m currently interested in Thought-forms and energy manipulation in general.

I just now read most of the Magickal Servitors book free and plan on doing the same with New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce.

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Yep! Those are all really good.

EA Koetting is INTENSE. Those books are amazing.

Some of John Kreiter’s works includes:

Vampires Way to Psychic Self-Defense
Create a Servitor Companion: Harness the power of Thought Forms
The Occult Experience

I’d say they’re probably a bit easier than the Damon Brand material. Kind of like the Silva Mind Method made more fun.


Ask your Guardian Angel to help you.
(Unless you are not assigned a guardian Angel)
You can make an offering too. We all like candles. Hehe
Then go about your day looking for where to begin. You’ll find something that fits your level. Rest assured you’ll find what you seek.

I started off reading books and getting familiar with the terminology. V.K. Jehannum helped me identify my Guardian Angel. PM for more info.

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you must buy it, otherwise it will not work.
it’s their curse.

also, buy “Goetia: pathworking” by C. Hargrove. its 8 bucks. It’s a cheat code in magic. :wink:
You’re going to be very happy.

Also, study on a more complex system while you try simple rituals(those from this book, or Damon Brand’s(for ex. buy Magickal Cashbook, I had results with it as a beginner, easily, but I screwed up because I did not keep my promiss to its spirit, Nitika ) ). So, try to learn a long boring book of hermeticism, or enochian magic, along the way. Not to have results now, this week, but to build your skills for being a magician. It’s good to practice 2 or more systems simultaneously. Makes you better at… all of them.


@Gushy Yes I will find what I seek and have already found a good amount of it now.

Progress IS being made no matter how slowly.

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Follow my post,u will get simple magick rituals

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Start with sigil magick and chaos magick

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The best books are 1) The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer
2) Lucifer and Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose
Completely beginner friendly with no need to banishing or tool

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