Struggling to find true beginner magick

Really just what the title says.
What are some magick things someone can do when they never did any kind of magick before?

Absolute starting points from way below even level zero.

Now I’m sure most of you will just say meditation but which meditations, why, how, and for how long?

Every meditation I find on this forum is overly complicated and or has no clear purpose or effect.

Some of you might just point to petition spells which do indeed seem to work during the rare once a century times I actually get a chance to do one but mostly I don’t and also almost never know what I even want to cast a petition spell for.

Some of you might say chaos magick and energy work but I can’t figure out how or where to start that.
Yes I know those are topic categories on the forum.

Then there is invocation where you just repeat the name of a chosen spirit until you are basically possessed or repeat an enn like Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel until the same thing happens…
But what if it just doesn’t and what am I even supposed to invoke a spirit for?
How do I even know when the spirit has been successfully invoked and what do I do after that?

Then there is evocation. I don’t have special incense smoke or any other magick tools and neither do I have ways to get that or even a place or time to use them if I did. Plus I would not even know what to evoke a spirit or anything else for. Also would not know what to do after evoking a spirit because I’m guessing you don’t just evoke an incorporeal being just to evoke and leave it at that.

Also I have no way of getting any books for magick regardless of if it’s online or an actual physical book.
So I can’t get anything like Mastering Evocation, Necromantic Sorcery, or the Become a living god ebook.

I would try spell casting but can’t find a good beginner spell or any other spell for that matter which would even be worth casting. Because they are all aimed at money,love, and curses.
Now you might say to actually look up spells for things I actually do want but the problem there is I don’t really know what I want other than just magick itself.

I tried just looking for tutorials for energy manipulation but I already know everything I could find about that.

Also there is structuring which as far as I know, is just open-eyed visualizing whatever you want to manifest inside something else such as smoke,darkness,fire, and whatever else until it’s as if you can actually physically see it.

Now I could maybe do that to manifest specific video games but trying to use darkness is well…
it’s never dark enough in any area that is comfortable enough to try structuring in, I don’t have anything else to use for this, and even if I did, I’m not good enough at visualization for that and can’t seem to get better at it.

Look up Chaos Magic and Sigil Magic they are the easiest to start with.


There are sites that will walk you through making a Sigil. There are as many ways to fire up the Sigil as you can think of. Just type in ‘make a Sigil’. Or look up Gallery of Magic.

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I already looked up all I could find on chaos magick but chaos magick doesn’t seem to have any good tutorials.

I know about sigils but… I don’t even know how to explain why I probably can’t make that work and seem to have partially forgot the reasons myself other than my lack of ability to enter trance along with not having a place or time to make, keep, or use sigils.

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I recommend beginners to start studying and practicing shielding, cleansing, consecrating, and banishing. Those just simple forms of energy work.

I’m a beginner myself :wink:.

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Thanks. I might try some of that.
I hope the more I do it the more powerful I will become.

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You’ll have a lot of fun with these.


Look online for a pdf. New energy ways by robert Bruce.


Okay, this entire post seems to be nothing but one excuse after another. You already have all the information you need about the simplest types of magick available, like sigils, and petitions, yet all you seem to be doing is just giving all they reasons why you think they might not work for you.

Have you tried a sigil? What were your results? You don’t need to keep sigils. The classic Chaos method is to just to create it, fire it, and burn it, or otherwise destroy it in some manner. If you have time to post on the internet, then you easily have time to create a sigil from a statement of intent.

Do you have a blank wall? Or an open sky? Shadows on the ground? Clouds? Literally the air in front of you? You can structure anywhere. You don’t need a specific medium.

Any meditation will help you. The simplest is just to follow your breath with your awareness as it moves in and out of your nose. Start with two minutes twice a day, and work up to twenty.


I will try that but it won’t work if it requires email, credit card info, and or other similar things.

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Also, read Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand. The writing is easy to comprehend and it’s a short read.

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@DarkestKnight Good point.
I don’t really remember actually trying to work with a sigil.

I guess I will do more of the mindful breathing meditation. I didn’t stick with that before because it didn’t seem to have anything to do with magick and I didn’t want to possibly waste time waiting for results that might never come.
I will most likely keep working on that now.

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Its free pdf

It doesn’t directly have anything to do with magick by itself, but it teaches you to focus your mind, which becomes necessary for getting into trance states, for structuring, scrying, and other magical acts. It will aid in everything you do, because nothing will disrupt a ritual more than your mind wondering what you’re going to have for dinner while you’re trying to summon a demon king.

If you find following the breath too boring, then you could concentrate on a mantra, or phrase, instead. Many of the angelic mantras I’ve posted can be used this way, particularly the spiritual perfection mantra, but you could also just create your own phrase, and repeat it to yourself.


@telgega I found it. Thanks.
That’s looking like a lot of reading but I still plan to do so.

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Ah I see. @DarkestKnight Thanks.

@Jack_of_Tridents Thanks. I will try to find that free online too.

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Since you can’t get books, maybe youtube can help…

Can you get a candle?

There’s Connor Kendall’s Candle magick 101:

You could also do very basic reality alteration meditations. I’d search youtube for “stellar thoughts meditation” and “Brian Scott meditation”. You can use those immediately with barely any effort or knowledge.

Also youtube search for “Elmer locker meditation”. He might interest you, as well.

I’d really get your feet wet with those 3 YouTubers. They’re free and instant.

A lot of the “magic with k” type things, you are going to have learn and put effort into. I’m not sure how you’ll do it without reading thoroughly. You don’t necessarily need candles or incense, but you definitely need to get the books.

If you become able to get ebooks or physical books (remember libraries are free!), then certainly look into Damon Brand, Rose Manning, and Ben Woodcroft. They’re all easy to follow along.


I can’t get candles and cannot buy anything.
But as for the book situation, I ofcourse found that free Robert Bruce pdf.

Thanks for the YouTube and meditation recommendations. @Daedalus

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