Structuring and merging a being inside of you

I know the question wasn’t for me but I would tell you that’s a morality thing.

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My only issue is unless you know the energies and personality of the person your invoking very well, it could come with some unwanted traits manifesting through ones personality. Granted this kind of thing is present in spirit invocations in general from what i can tell and have experienced.


@C.Kendall If I were to use this or another method of invocation to invoke each of my Chakras into all the other ones would it accomplish the same goal as the Kunda Yoga practices that @KurtisJoseph talks about? Either way, would it be worth trying?

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Well since I worked through the kinda practices of the path of smoke I believe their goal is to completely blacken the chakra then remove them from the body.

I suppose you could do this with the Div’s or even Ahriman.


@C.Kendall Blackening the Chakras kind of involves fusing the fragments of the whole that the Chakras represent back into each other right? That’s how the Kunda Yoga video seemed to explain it at least. I was wondering if invoking each Chakra into the other ones could help with that.

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Speaking from experience such as this one and remaining still to this day I know for a fact that this is one of the most beautiful ways and “safe” in relation to other techniques. Well written and explained, as always your articles are such a good read. Thank you for your contribution.


No problem brother glad i could help.

@C.Kendall : I already try, but its not work for me, can i help me to tell what wrong with me…
PM me if u dont mind, thank u :slight_smile:

Some of the posts linked in this thread may be of some use to you if you are hitting a roadblock. Depending on how new you are you may just need to keep working at it. Hope it is of use.

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I really like this, I will have to include this in my work with Kingu.

This is gonna sound dumb but since this can be used for possession how can I just prevent that from happening, just invoke?

Can I merge many beings inside?
For example, can I merge the 72 of Goetia and hamephorash

After merging with a spirit, I saw total darkness with wisps of white light, energy literally trying to break out of my body, and a sort of mental clarity with no distracting thoughts at all but I couldn’t hear anything.

This was great.

I invoked Earl andromalius through this ritual and I felt the balance he is in life through his sigil. Everyone on this earth destroying the balance of another will be punished, hail Earl andromalius!

Could you perform this daily with a specific spirit to strengthen the bond or is it more suited to say once a week or month?

Would the spirit get irritated if you called upon and invoked their power daily?

Hello Connor! I’m very new to this forum so excuse me if I appeared late, also if anyone else sees this and answers I’ll appreciate it just as much :pray:. So, my question is how do you control the intent like for example let’s say you don’t want just an invocation but you want to invite said entity to possess you (I don’t know if you can invite entities in you like this and if so I know they have every right to refuse) how would you set that intention, just go into ritual with the intention to invite them in to possess you? Is it really this simple or is there more to it, and if you just set your intent I’m sure the spirit would know what exactly you want to happen(I.e invite to possess oneself). Sorry if this sounds confusing, thank you so much :pray:

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Essentially the difference between invocation and possession is control and intensity. In invocation you are still fully in control, but in possession you are allowing the presence of the entity to intensify within you and overwhelming you.

Through techniques such as trance work, sound, the use of mind altering substances and so forth you can enter into that extremely sensitive state wherein through disassociating the self from the self, you relinquish control over to the spirit. Not by just saying “spirit I give you control” cause that’s just a statement but it takes time and patience to be able to relinquish control over words, actions, thoughts etc.

At this point your words will no longer be yours, your ideas, thoughts or concepts, nor your movements or actions. The intensity of the possession once again depends upon the level of intensity of the method/the ritual or the state not to mention how immersed you are in the moment.


Oh ok! I assumed it would take much time and patience but I just wanted to make sure, thank you connor!:pray:

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Holy shit it worked with lucifuge

It’s 'magic!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Thanks you