Strange voice

I have start hearing this voice again becous of lack of sleep and food in tacke. It is a male voice it sound angry and wan’t me to feel bad about every wrong doing i have done.

I used amfetamine for 2 days no sleep.

And the third day i strted her his voice this is not the first time.

I ignored him and it cind of worked.

I belive if this was real he manipulated the sound from some audio in my surounding. Like fans and tv audio and what ever.

What could it bee.

And yes i know it not good to use drugs and i have no addiction to any drug so it allright.

The first time this happend was the exact same voice but mutch more intensse.

Can some one skilled scan this and let me know who the fuck this is…

Thank you //Addi

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Lack of sleep and amphetamines for 2 days.
This is why you’re hearing voices.
Nothing supernatural about it.
Take better care of yourself.


Incautiously used drugs open doors to parasites and lesser entities - doesn’t matter who it is, it’s nobody you should be listening to.
Whether it’s a brain chemistry issue or not, have a good cleanse and banish.


Try to get some sleep. Cook or buy some good food and stop using drugs.

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Yes i belive so to. I did get rid of it. This time i did not fear it so it was all good.

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I know… I will take better care from know on.

I did its all good know.

When I’m exhausted to the point of hallucination I tend to see little pink elephants (what in the actual fuck lol). The mind does some strange things when its tired.

Methamphetamine psychosis. You should definitely quit. The voice will go away.

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Same thing happened to me when i was too lazy to get out of my room, watching movies doing nothing, no sleep at all. Your mind fucks with you in some serious way if you got nothing to do in your life, depression is a bitch

Sleep at least 7 hours, get some good food and hit the gym, thats what i did. You will be fine

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Where did i mention methamphetamine? I don’t do drugs on a regular basis. My thought was to just take one day and the dosage was small but i did not quit when i needed so i stayed up for way to long.

I will try to never use this again bacous not every one can handel it.

You literally said you used “amfetamine 2 days no sleep”. It’s natural for someone to assume it was meth…
Also, you won’t try to not take it again.
You just won’t take it again.
You and drugs are done.

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I get you. I will try to focus on whats important in my life and stay away from drugs.

I saw many things when used amphetamine. Baphomet i saw playing on his blowing horn before me. I saw 2 red clothed man with horns standing in my room when i was walking nerby my house saw them standing in the window :thinking:

And mutch more. Like pixel strings forming moving in the air.