Strange incident I experienced during meditation

Hello everyone. I started the Black Sun Exercise tonight shared by @Ruda218. But night I had different events and I searched in this forum to see if anyone had experienced what I went through, but I couldn’t find any results.

This is the exercise I started:

I decided to work with King Amaymon but before that I decided to exercise for 21 days. I completed day 1 tonight (I couldn’t do it properly.). Anyway, I started by looking at the sigil first. Then I realized I was in a trance. Then, as he continued to stare, the smoke from the incense suddenly turned into fire in the air and then disappeared. As soon as I noticed that the smoke had turned into fire, the background of sigil seemed to have turned into fire (I’m not sure, it might have turned red). Then I noticed that there was activity in the house and I finished the meditation.

Then I continued. I decided to make everything from scratch. When I looked at sigil again, the color of the black candle burning in front of me seemed to have changed. It was something like a mixture of orange and red, the color of which I could not express, and the flame of the candle seemed to get stronger. Then the smoke in the air passing in front of me turned into fire in the same way. But this time, with the fire, some smoke turned into fire ash and these ashes were coming on me. Later, when I realized that I was in a trance, I closed my eyes and continued the exercise.

Is my experience unimportant? I searched the forum but couldn’t find any results. Have any of you experienced something similar to this?

I can also say that the exercise process went badly for me. I have a hard time making them because my visualizations are bad and the environment is not suitable. But I am still determined to continue.

That all sounds great. :smiley:

It’s common to get visual effects when you’re in an altered state of consciousness. I generally take it as either a sign I’m in the right zone for working, or that energy is moving which is also a good sign for working.
You can also start getting sensations on your skin or internally due to the energy moving, feeling pressure, itching/tickling, slight aches or crawling sensations, these are usually fine and normal as well.

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Thx for Informationn :slight_smile:

In addition, could it be a sign that amaymon agrees to work with me? According to what I read, Amaymon personally chooses who he works with.

I’ve not really heard of him refusing anyone of they ask. Some say just the fact that you felt drawn to call him meant he has already called you, and sometimes you get confirmation that that is what happened. :slight_smile:

I think you have a good contact there and it should be very interesting going forward!

it sounds interesting.

Then let me continue on the path of amaymon : )

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hi. I’m bothering you, but if you don’t mind, could you PM me? I want to ask you a few specific questions on this topic and I cannot ask them here. I will be glad if you can help : )