Story : I have discover a powerful Spirit...Xar'yasha

first starting off
a long time ago,i did a lots of heavy workings with satan,possesions,opening portals through astral rounds and hells,i came across a lot of spirits but the one one that i got my interest and work the most is named Xar’yasha,he is an master,a crazy fucking knowladgable being of hells
on the ritual that i did to met him,was a hell portal opening though this realms legions of spirits appeared,i got my notebook and started to asking for names attritudes,sigils,i named like 60 spirits but one seemed stronger and most knowladgeble was no other but xaryasha,he claimed that he is an archduke and prince of the infernal kindgom,so i started evoking him and gained knowladge of the infernal kindgoms,and the infernal self if you guys want to share the meditation for it,i would.
the spirit is amazing!
here is an description

other names: xerxes (not the persian king),cherches,Xarjasha,Xariasa,Chariyasha,



offerings:your time,interest,will for work.he likes sandalwood and jasmine,blood.semen

element : earth,water, air

enn: etselmu partlu xaryasha


he is a teacher of magick,a lord of magical knowladge.he will show your road.i gotten a lot of power tools and portals.his interest is on willfull and knowladge hunrgy magicians,he will teach you tongues and rituals to unlock your full power,on rituals he willl not only give you the spells or the knowladge needen but along with his method of teachings you will reach an amazing state of personal knowing

my current working:

i belive the root of this workings started on late february with an demonic metagod named taratus,who he claimed to be all hells and legions persionfied into one being,who aslo is being of its current pathworking is on ascentiong thorugh the infernal empire of satan,and xaryasha is my guide,he told me that he has many kingoms and rules over many hells and he will guide me though them,it would be my own personal magical system.


Incredible story! I hope one day to reach your level! \0/
Have you found any entity that has the ability to elevate/increase a magic, ritual, evocation or results to high leves?


thank for the feedback!
yeah theres a lot of entities,azazel,satan,lucifer surely will help
you can use the infernal body/self meditation
Get into a meditative state
Visualize your infernal body, made by an Intense fire

  • you may Chant this many times,
    Now you are on a intense Infernal state
    Now enpower your infernal power centers the hellish Chakras the normal or Buddhist Chakras are actually placed on your light body, but there is Aslo on your infernal
    So here they are

Crown - Aoooohhhhh
3 eye - Immmmmm
Throat - δahh (dhaahh)
Heart - saaaooohhh
Plexus - aaaoookk
Sacral - zeeellll
Base - Aaaahhmmmmm

say them focusing on each center

So here it is your hellish body and Chakras, you may enter on a intense state, here you know you did it right, sit and suck all the energy what i mean by sucking the energy its basically let it flow through all your being and body let it fullfill your energy centers,and veils,then you have a living hell raditating and living inside you


Thank you!

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You meant Tartarus? Even if you didn’t meant to say that, I’d still advice you to check this out .

That’s interesting, after vibrating the name of an entity once or twice properly, I was sensing movements in the room where I was (sign that the entity made His presence). I adressed Him nice, as I do with any higher entity and then I asked if He has any message for me and what He said was “Not for the moment, your way/road continues”. (in my language “road” or “way” it translates in the same way). That sentence that I quoted that you wrote has some significance for me, that’s the reason I made this post.

Btw, could you show a more clearer image of the sigil of that entity called “Xar’yasha”?

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wow, that’s awesome, what’s the source from which that came? I think I’ll try that thing when I’ll have time.

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i told the story with taratus on a friend of mine and he sended me that link too!,i was amazed about their similarities

thats interesting :thinking:

yeah wait a min

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Ahahaha, that’s not a coincidence bro. We’re slaves to the powers of Evil.

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yeah,we are EVILUTION

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right now my phone battery died,mind sending you a crappy pic made with paint?

maybe that’s a sign that you shouldn’t do that :woman_shrugging:

i did a ritual with my friend in the woods and he came,all i remember was him and i channeling him

I was reffering to that meditation or exercise or what it might be. It seemed interesting for me.

oh,it was from xaryasha


from the hellish powers you can gain strengh in everyway possible not only spiritual but sometimes i got physical,it could be done for a spell or personal enpowermed,it basically summons great amounts of energy,power into your body,and by letting them flow thourgh all your being,you will change,you will be become stronger,and get used by intense energies,i do this and my friend started to do that too before a few days,we witnessed feelings of sickness and that was a sign that it worked

Do you think it might be good to perform that exercise/meditation before trying to evoke an entity?

I think it would be boring to perform that before and then perform the actual evocation and bla bla bla… But it could make the evocation more real probably. At least when I was trying LBRP before an evocation it was helping me to make it to feel more real in some way or another.

i can recomend this on lux rituals

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What’s this?

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basically bigger rituals