Story : I have discover a powerful Spirit...Xar'yasha


This is awesome
Excellent work @Xag_darklight


thank you bro!


amazing stuff.

Sounds like a personal aspect of yours, you describe, Xar’yasha seemes to me to be a as ¥’Berioth is to ¥’Berion.

if that makes sense to you. :wink:

And if i get you right, welcome in the river of flames. :sunny:




like a godform/higher self aspect of my soul? :thinking:

the river is amazing!



I refer to the higher self, self / ego, Lower self,
which i differentiate into connection to all / Cosmos, the 144 leafed lotus flower, HGA (holy guardian Angle), which in my case had been transformed several times by personal sorcery aswell as other sorcerers casting blessings, curses and even creating and binding serviators to that (all done after awakening Kundalini, overcoming ego and reaching krishna “jesus” conciousness, due to the Tetagrammaton, YHWH and creating a new ego after ego death /disolvement, by using the command “i am, that i am” on a loop mantra, pushing it’s speed first over speakable later over thinkable frequency. ended up with something like i-i-i-i-i-i.)
Those where done between me having first contacts with Balg, Lucifer, but prior to performing the Samael-Lillith rite,

Then the Ego - what we thing we are,

and lower self / Demonic form, Subconcious, collective subconcious, Shadow-self.

I felt like you did similar workings as i looked into Xar’yasha.

Correct me if i’m wrong. :wink:




Do you have any suggestions regarding evokation of Xar’yasha?


things to do before the ritual?i believe thinking about his name or sgil like 5 mins before the ritual it can give more energy or be more respectful


i dont know if he is higher self,a magician recently told me that my god self is a death god ,i asked if thats euronymous and he is,at the same time satan told me that i am him,even beelzebub told me that i am,about that satan god self subject i am confused,death god subject i dont know really


Is the sigil secret? :blush:


No I just don’t draw it


I am doing some other rituals these days preparing for the 21 of this month. I find this Ritual interesting and inspiring. Thanks