Stop treating this forum like Wattpad 🙄

Haha actually Darkest Knight mentioned her earlier :joy::joy::joy: But what you said is true


Yes, please report any threatening PMs, it’s a core part of the member-moderation process that stops us needing a heavy-handed surveillance culture on here.

PMs are not visible to mods and if someone’s sending one member abusive or threatening PMs, you can bet they’re doing it to others, some of whom may find it harder to handle for some reason, so please do your part as a steward of this community and flag the PM, there is zero tolerance for threats (obviously physical, but also, any implication that unwanted magickal consequences will follow for you as well).

And I’m not fucking scared of anyone, nor do I kiss anyone’s ass, so if anyone tries to imply otherwise, they’re just bullshitting you. Threats on here are like a magick ticket to a ban, it’s that simple. :+1:

If someone is just bugging you for info or free spellwork, politely tell them you don’t wish to continue the PM, people in desperate need sometimes come across as selfish but we all look like we’re sitting enjoying a banquet of various powers, and if that person feels they’re legitimately starving, turning them away politely should save everyone a lot of upset. Most of us here have probably been desperate in some way and been equally self-centred at that time, it’s natural.

If they persist, flag the PM and I’ll try to sort it out fairly so everypone’s as happy as possible. :+1:


Thanks Lady Eva :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


100% accurate depiction of Lady Eva. XD


@Lady_Eva. you are my hero


Once again, use flags, please… they may do that to someone who has just suffered some (completely unrelated) misfortune and that innocent person could spiral to a very dark place thinking the two are linked.

Threats have never been tolerated on here, not even back in the more wild-west days of 2014 before there was any real ruleset or moderation, Timothy came on himself and immediately banned a member who was threatening others. No wiggle room.

This is the issue, and it’s more or less impossible to draw the line - mute what you get annoyed by folks, flag anything that causes concern, use the Something Else flag and message me to take a look.

Usually a friendly chat sorts out most problems, but you need to be willing to let me know, because if I see a topic that looks a bit larpy or weird, I’m not going to just draw on my own opinions, I need to know if it’s bothering others, and then I will explain any action taken (or not taken) so at least you know ehere you stand with regards to forum rules.

There will always be things on here you as a member disagree with or think are fantastic, but that’s just the nature of any magick forum, so a bit of leeway is expected, and is granted to you in return, to post without fear of being mocked because your own work or experiences don’t fit someone else’s narrow-minded concept.

^ Excellent approach imo. :+1:

For any beginner reading this and wondering how to recognise a larp, read this to begin with:

Same here. :+1:

Just going back to:

Threats are against the rules, trolling is, cursing… eh, I don’t think anyone can moderate what magick people do provided they are discreet, however if someone tells another member they will curse that person (or their loved ones etc) or implies any magick will be done against them, that’s just a threat, it gets the usual solution: :hiking_boot: up the backside. :man_shrugging:

Full ruleset specific to this forum (not just the boilerplate stuff in the T&C’s that comes with the forum software):


Lol this was pretty good

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Now it’s my turn to smell of wee! (pmsl!) :rofl:


agreed. Also worth noting that such fantasies drive away newcomers or gives them the wrong idea about what to expect from magick. I remembered reading all those stories where people acted as if they were some sort of “chosen one” and wondered if i was doing something wrong.




I know, I always read the rules before engaging in activity. :smiley:
I was just cracking a joke that some people lack the common sense of knowing rules and directives that should be easy to figure out on its own.

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Imo problems of self value, self confidence and self-esteem (specially if they affect the way you practise magic) are something that need to be dealt with individually.


I usually take more time and care on drawings but wanted to get this in quickly. I actually do draw more than stick figures occasionally.


Sometimes I wonder what if someone made a BALG egregore that deflected members from cursing/attacking each other with energy and no one knew about it until now xD


Getting the BALG rules tattooed


Have I finally found the only other person on the planet who reads the full instructions before embarking on flatpack furniture, and gets it done properly and with a minimum of aggravation? :astonished:

Back on topic, to be fair, I join forums and don’t usually read all their rules first, it’s normal behaviour, you just figure you’re there with honest intent and to post on topic, not spam etc., you probably lurked a bit to see what the forum was like and think you know the score, so there’s no point in me or anyone else getting too upset if someone’s obviously not read the rules and is just being innocently enthusiastic, if they have good intentions they’re always happy to adjust course when requested. :+1:


Hey that is a good idea wtf :joy::joy::joy:

I agree with you. But when you’re a begginer you don’t really know what to expect… So when you see a story about someone who thinks they’re a mystical overlord you may get the wrong idea about what you’re dealing with.


That’s something I could get behind lol

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The one we have (or so I’ve been told) would get jealous and attempt to destroy us. causing a nuclear apocalypse :thinking: