Stolz brechen [My ex is too proud to come back to me]

Hello to all the members, which demon should I work with so that I can break the pride of my ex wife. She is so proud that she does not come back. According to divination, I have also learned that she still loves me. But she is very stubborn and proud. What spirit can break her stubbornness and pride.
So also the negative thoughts to me changed into positive.
Which method would you recommend? Gom or EA
Thank you in advance.

I’m going to be bold and ask why there are negative thoughts towards you. That statement alone suggest that you believe that this is something caused by you.

Yes of course you can ask. We were 16 years a few and married. Before we divorced, the problems started, such. B the sister interfered too much the family did not want me because of my nationality etc.
She tells me she can not trust me anymore because I also exposed her lies. At the divorce a child decided for me. That hurt her and she thinks I manipulated this kid. Where it did not vote and still is not true. Since she has a pride to her friends and her family, she does not want to come and stand as a loser.

He would previously sweeten and knead his energetic field, take essence of gentle lamb, with honey and camphor, with his name written 9 times and folded the parchment into 3 parts, then put it in a bowl. I would also add chamomile, valerian seeds and 9 drops of vanilla with meek lamb camphor with a red candle with its name carved from the wick to the foot and put gentle lamb in candle to load it.
This is a simple vodoo ritual.

Then I would call Duke Agares to return it or return it. He would lose that with his specialty he collapses the obstacles that his return.
He would call Duke Dantalion so that in the specialty of his office he works in his emotional area and can feel and purify his conscious of bad memories or pains in his heart for the disorders suffered in the separation.
I would call Marques Leraje so that in his specialty he would help to reconcile the conflict and that he would interpose himself between them so that the relationship is lasting because the objective is a difficult person to live with and this is one of his specialties as a deity.

With three layers of intervention you will get ahead, as always this is a suggestion to your approach, if you do not see it right skip everything reflected in this writing.


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@Suat Chnage yourself and you change your world - fit what she doesn’t like about you and she doesn’t have to be too proud.

Unfortunately, is not it? I have learned from my mistakes and changed many things. Believe me. Unfortunately she is so proud that she does not come back even though we have two children. She told everyone she would never go back. Now she is so proud that she does not come back. Every conversation ends with quarreling almost. She can suppress her feelings and I do not stop. After 16 years and two children, it’s not that easy. That’s why I need a strategy.

Rather than breaking her spirit, why not figure out how to redefine your own self-concept and perception of her? That’s the real power: your consciousness, because it’s the only thing in your experience. At first it seems unacceptable but take a very close look at your own belief system before you attempt to alter that of a seeming other.