Still failing in Evocation. NEED HELP :(

I am still failing to achive any good results in EVOCATION. I call the spirit feel the presence and that’s it… No materialization. I still issue my request but no real measurable results :frowning:

I don’t get it! What is it that I am doing wrong?! Why my rites are nit working as effectively as I want them to be???


Physical materialization is when your spiritual senses are so powerful, that they overcome your physical senses.

In order for this to happen, you need to do a lot of work. Prior to even attempting my first evocation, I had already spent two years developing my psychic senses with chakra work. So, when I first evoked Raphael, for instance, I could see him, but not with my physical eyes, but with my spiritual eyes. It was a strange sensation. Like when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you keep one eye closed so you’ll still be able to see in the darkness on your way back. And when it’s pitch black and you open your eye and at the same time that one eye can see, the other is still blind in the darkness. That’s what it feels like to see a spirit with your inner eyes.

I haven’t yet gotten to the point where a spirit has physically manifested itself for me. So, be patient, work on your chakras, and continue to progress.


Goal of the evocation would be to get results.
As your astral senses are not open, you can use a pendulum to ask yes or no type questions to the spirits.
That will help.

Always close your eye and focus on eyebrow center to see the spirit.


Try a bit of void gazing. Block out all the light you possibly can and stare into the darkness. Closets, hallways, and windows make good targets for void gazing. Settle in and try to visualize some kind of monster rushing towards you out of the dark. Visualize a normal human face staring at you from right outside your window. Keep your eyes open and try to feel vulnerable. You should be able to give yourself goosebumps right away.

The mind has an easy time disregarding plesant fantasies, but void gaze as hard as you can until something comes at you and your body will react. You will reflexively move to protect yourself and get a big shot of adrenaline. The animal self that runs your subcomcious and edits your sensory input is a lot less skeptical where it comes to fear.

Try your summoning in utter darkness. I find it odd that Koetting never mentions this technique. It’s totally classic and works really well.

Also, Koetting is the occult version of Bruce Lee. He’s really good at this stuff and wants to teach it to everyone, but he is naturally talented on top of his years of work. Self confidence is key to success, but one does not simply read “Tao of Jeet Kun Do” and start beating up Shaolin monks.


Evoke as often as you can, get used to it. With patience and perseverance you’ll get more solid results. It’s just about the time. I’d recommend you the exercises from Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos.

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Proceed with your normal evocation and ask the spirit to appear before you.
This sounds like obvious advice, but you’d be surprised seeing what could happen. See most of us put our selves in the spot that “I can’t see the spirit”, when really it could simply be that they don’t desire to reveal a physical form.


I suggest that you focus more on the result you want to achieve. The spirit you’re calling or trying to materialize is an element of the spell or evocation, but it’s not the only element.

If your goal is to get that spirit to create something, then you should focus more on that, more than you focus on the manifestation or materialization of the spirit itself.


That’s the real problem I am not getting good results


Magick is not a one time thing… you need to work on your magick until you get results. If you believe you’re doing something wrong… then examine your process. Check multiple sources or change the whole system with something different that may get better results for you. There are tons of options. Don’t limit yourself.


Recently I worked on one spell for 3 months… every single night. Non stop, until it worked. Baneful magick. Long story short, the result was : people died, others went hiding in churches praying to survive, and the ones who could afford it hired professional killers for protection and paid them a fortune to find me and kill me. They did find me, but somehow… they helped me and served me against their own will. But for that to happen I worked and kept working everyday, I almost gave up many times… my mind, my body, everything around me was telling me it’s not happening, not going to happen, it’s impossible. But it happened.

Magick works if you work to make it work.

Sometimes a spell could take few minutes and you get results within hours. Other times… it could take extremely hard work, time, and probably some sacrifice. Like anything in life.

Good luck,


one thing…if you are doing evocations…dont do them for things you do not actually care much about. its tempting to do rituals for stuff you dont care much for simply to prove that this stuff works…but you need to build the right amount of desire during the ritual to actually get what you want. These videos should help. The second is about curses, but it applies to all magick. Do rituals for things you not only want, but NEED to happen. if you dont have true desire for the stuff you’re asking for because you’re just “practicing” you wont get much results. Don’t practice magick. Put it to practice. Thats what it took for EA to have his first physical manifestation


you might want to check this, also :slight_smile:

What circles do you use?