! An overall- Strategically Extremely Powerful tool for All Cosmic Magick

Hi there - this is a golden and sometimes overlooked tip!

Some of you might remember how E.A. did bind the spirit MAZAL HIROTH
to the universal circle…? A spirit that is the go-between to all forms of life you might want to contact.
Some beings you can call upon can fill in quite a lot of tasks in the God-Mind, ranging from fluidly flow through the dark feminine polarity of the God-Mind to other tasks.

Yesterday I was like hmm I called upon soooo many beings for so many things in my life,
but I have the idea that some beings from one polarity hold me back from getting what I want from another polarity, and I did tend to lose the overview - with probably more than 100, if not more beings that I work with… - I’ve been asking for getting better at things that took me so much time to ground/anchor in my consciousness and I was like…hey what’s up with that…?

SO I had a talk about all of this with MAZAL HIROTH directly, a central figure that can help you easily connect with and MANAGE the interaction with all of this groups of beings so that you can just get what you want more easily rapidly and also preventing a disbalance - feeling like you’re a bit all over the place and your mind is feeling like it’s still clouded in either blockages or anything you may feel you need to get smoothened.

Some may already do it, some don’t, but speaking to him directly may make a huge difference in absolutely everything.

It saves you soooo much time…

I’ve also done my ritual in nature at night so I could better, instantly ground my request- feel the spirits, allow them more deeply, fluidly. It’s thus great to ‘naturalize’ the new requested settings.

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