Steroids and bodybuilding

Hey guys. Was wondering if anyone here has run any steroid cycles before.

I’m mainly concerned about the effect that it has on your mind. Did they interfere with your ability to meditate? Your ability to remain calm? What about when you came off? This is my main concern. I have come off of hard drugs before and it is the worst feeling, physically, but especially mentally. Is coming off of steroids even close to this?

I always thought bodybuilding and steroids were incompatible with spirituality and meditation, until I read about Frank Zane. He won 3 Mr Olympia titles back in the late 70s, while also talking about the importance of things like meditation, mantras, and being in the state of thoughtless-awareness. If you listen to him talk, he is always calm and collected.

What do you guys think? Has anyone here had similar experiences?


I don’t know about steroids very much , but you don’t need them necessery . Building will not interfere in your meditation . It is great for your mind and body . I lift and i am really calm and i meditate . It stimulates your hormones and you will be healtier and happier , not only good looking . It is really important . Also , you will get mind strenght and discipline .


And your relationship with food will be beter . Don’t br afraid to lift heavy and always make a progress and your muscles will grow .


I totally understand you . I have gone through the same . I lost 10 kg just to fit in my dress for the prom . Now i am also counting my calories to stay in tune with it but i have big sweet tooth . I today binged after my training and felt disaponted ( idk why because i don’t feel that way when i overeat often ) . I can totally get you . Just push and don’t label food as bad or good .


The key to stop bingeing is to eat enough of what your body actually needs (real food, I’m talking about real food). Without feeling bad after.
And eat less sugar, because when you eat too much sugar, your blood sugar goes up, then your insulin goes up, and insulin blocks leptine in your brain, so your body will think it’s starving, which will make you eat more food.


I’d think a lot depends on your source for the steroids and how “clean” they are. If you have experience w/ them you know what I mean…i.e. are they the ones your body already produces (test; gh; insulin) or are they of the artificial kind (winstrol; deca; etc) Then it’s all about how YOU react when taking them.


They absolutely fuck w/ people’s focus, patience, calmness, etc. And remember, in meditation (if you’re using steroids) you are asking your mind to control artificial/ excessive additions to your body. I know there’s a connection between the two, but it’s often not as fluent as people think.


I’ve taken sarms before which are basically a baby brother to steroids , they don’t bind to the receptors in your organs like steroids will , but won’t make you incredibly huge in a month or make you have an insane ffmi, those made me have depression and need to recover my testosterone as a teenager , as well as my friends , I can only imagine what real gear does , don’t do it man , not worth it at all , do you want to spend thousands have organ and sexual problems and have a fucked up mood ? Unless you have god tier genetics and want to become an ifbb pro
, no reason to do it


I’m a big fan of how I feel when I’m on. They all have a different feel to them but usually it’s a pronounced sense of well being and motivation. Great sleep, deep trances, and you just feel goooooooood.

Tren is the only one that makes people feel ornery, doesn’t do it to everyone either. Roid rage is mostly a myth unless you’re an asshole before cycle. Most of it is an excuse to cover up cocaine usage when people want to cut fat.

I’ve had the best spiritual experiences ever while on cycle. It’s meant to replicate the effects of being in a very desirable hormonal state for a male. If you’re kicking ass you have high testosterone, end of story. Even the “yaaaas gurl, you go queen!” bad bitch archetype that’s trendy in movies mimics a chick with abnormally high T.

Unless you’re using Clomid for PCT (I’m a fan of Nolvadex myself) you won’t have much ultra sensitive estrogen issues while coming off. Maybe a few down days but nothing major.

If you do run Clomid… you’ll very suddenly understand your girlfriend on a very very deep level and be able to handle her states much better when she goes “there.” You’ll just “get it” and intuitively know when to empathize and when to tell her she’s being 5. It’s something most men should experience to bridge the gap in their relationships. It’s saved me a ton of drama

You might not like the idea of genuinely feeling like crying for someone when you see a tweet about nobody buying the cake they made at a bake sale… But you’ll get some perspective on a space you’ve never gone to that a lot of women go to every few weeks.

Nolvadex or Arimistane are much better SERMS that will get you to bounce back no worries without very suddenly having your emotions sensitized 10x more while watching a movie with your friends.

From here there are two schools of thought:

  1. Blast as much gear as you can since your first cycle is your best one
  2. Run a test only cycle for 8 weeks on one vial to see how your body responds to testosterone

I’d do the latter. Or even just run sarms. (YK11 + LGD is a favorite stack of mine). PM me for info on any of this. You can gain 20lbs of muscle in 8 weeks on a solid test cycle. Keeping it on takes maintenance just like getting a 6 pack. Or anything in life.

Your magick will be just fine no matter what you do so long as you do it the right way


Roid rage is not a myth (though I confess I was an asshole before I took them:))
It was a long time ago…


There’s a subliminal channel that gives you all the benefits of steroids without the side effects.

I personally haven’t used them. There’s no regulations against them on paper in my sport but still.

Turns out, a lot of famous althetes use “methods” to help them perform better. For Mike Tyson it was hypnosis BUT honestly it might have overwhelmed him.

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While I never used steroids, I have used anti estrogen products (and natural test boosters). I had found (please note, I’m already kinda a asshole) that there is a tipping point where grounding became a requirement. Keep your self focused, stay proactive (very important), your meditation should when properly implemented help your overall mental health, working in a field of magic that aligns with that vibration might help as well.

Good luck

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The problem with toxic compounds is that the stress it puts on your body drains your life force. Testosterone is probably fine if done in the right doses. I’m not sure how high you can safely run it but I’d divination do to make sure and get your bloods and overall health checked. I’m just going to be using test for a while since i want to stop abusing and focus on magick, higher than hrt doses but I believe it will be okay especially since I believe it will


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When you say bodybuilding are you competing ? If so take steroids if not stay natural there’s no reason to take a chance and potentially destroy your body if you aren’t in the sport.

Yeah I’ve heard that would be the minimum amount of protein for someone 200 lbs. So probably . Even if I was just doing a natty routine and not training harder 4000 calories and 200-300 grams of protein shows better results strength and hypertrophy wise for 200 lbs, that would be gaintaining with 500 mg test per week. My metabolism is very fast though. I eat more typically because I train harder when I have the time.
Not recommending any of this to anyone though

Why do you want to use steroids ? Quick results ? I would advice against, not just for your mind, but for your only body. I have worked out in many ways my entire life, from martial arts and extreme sports to ballet, building muscle have always been part of it and I’ve seen people ruin their life on steroids. Whatever you choose, best of luck and take care.

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Steroids help of course but have ugly side effects. I used steroids for years chemical but i centered especially on plants based too in order to gain more muscle, being fit, pain resistance, have endurance but the side effects were unpleasent. No details here! But no regrets eighter. One must find the balance. Steroids don’t interfere with demonic summoning.


I believe that while the link to the physical and the spiritual when it comes to progression and ascension are intimately linked and, therefore, incredibly worthy of discussion neither I, nor any others here, are really in a place to give responsible medical advice of any sort to anyone on this forum because of the inability to verify the validity of the information reliably and effectively.

That being said, if one wants to discuss the effect of any type of foreign substance on the mind and body the best bet is and will always be to ask a licensed professional alongside doing your own research. If you are not comfortable discussing the spiritual with your medical provider then all you need to do is discuss it from a purely medical and psychological perspective and leave out any spiritual mention. I personally have done so multiple times and it works wonders as long as you remember that the issues that you are suffering from are very much valid and that there are ways to describe them in a purely mundane manner, assuming it is regarding the mind and body.

On a final note, this response is regarding the general idea of this topic and is in no way directed at any one individual or group of individuals periof individuals. I believe that this topic has potential for great merit and discussion, so long as it is done is done respectfully, responsibly, and reasonably.

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