Static rain?

hello everyone
i do not understand static rain and pulling your vision back
plz explain it to me


Pulling your vision back is pretty simple. You do it all the time when you look out a window.

You place your focus on something outside the window, say a tree in your yard. Easy peasy, right?. Now, say you were looking outside your window at night, and you catch your reflection in the window but it is indistinct and blurry. You pull your focus from the tree outside to your reflection in the window and then it comes into focus.

That is the gist of the technique. If you are using the line where the wall and ceiling meet, then imagine there is a window between you and the line, and try to focus on the window rather than the line. It should go blurry while the area around it comes into focus.

Static rain is simply EA’s term for the little sparkles and wavy lights that may appear when you hit the Theta/Gamma sync. It is simply a sign of the Gamma burst happening in your head while you are in deep Theta and is not necessary to be successful in magick.


Is it not weird i can see static rain without doing much effort. But after a while my visions turns black? Is that a good thing? I do have to agree sometimes its hard to focus because my eyes are like going every direction without me doing that haha

thanks a lot
it is ok to blink when we are gazing?
when i try , i see white line around the line
also when i gaze at sigil
what is this mean?

Yes, you can blink.

It sounds like the white line you see is a change in perception, showing that you are in an altered state. It might be a prelude to the static rain.


thanks a lot for your help

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to derail here, so if you respond perhaps we split the thread?

I get the very literal static rain falling down very often, even when not consciously focusing on an intent or in ritual. It can happen while day dreaming of course (unintentional trance), but most times it happens while fully awake, but calm. It’s nothing terribly profound or notable, and it is not visually distracting; it is just something that I notice and can focus on for a moment. I have previously ruled out the defective eyesight factor.

So is this indicative of undisciplined mental states? Could it be something potentially good? And could this be linked in some way or symptomatic of unintentionally causing a magickal effect (as in complete the criteria for a ritual effect without realizing it)?


Omg i have the same finally someone who asked this HAHA

That’s very interesting. I don’t get static rain at all, even in deep trance. :thinking:

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Really? What do u see in deel trance

I see static rain but i cant get deeper than that for some reason my focus is very low i think

I don’t see anything, but everything around me seems to be…more. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like an awareness or a feeling that what is seen is but a shadow of the reality that lies beneath.

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Omg is it like objects are being like uhm wait let me think about the word

LIKE HIGHLIGHTED? for me sometimes objects like uh my wardrobe in the corner of my eye gets highlighted? As if it pops up or my vision around where im looking at turns completely black.

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HAHA its so hard to describe these things in foreign language

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@DarkestKnight is it something like, if you gaze to a sigil of a spirit, say for example Belial, and start to draw your sight back, the vision goes like kinda blurry, the lines of the sigil even disappear momentarily or you don’t see where the edge of the sigil lines ? I feel the sigil also starts to turn to the left between the fingers.


No, it’s not like the opening of a sigil, at least not for me.


And what i said? Does that resonate with u

look guys
i practiced gazing today
when i gaze at sigil one line of sigil become invisible for 1 second
around of lines i see white border (maybe it is aura)
when i gaze at line between wall and ceilling , around that line become white too
and if i do not blink every thing become darker and black completely
i do not know what are this meaning but it seems i am going to tetha gamma sync
but i can not continue without blinking
how ever i do not see spirits yet

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