Starting with runes

Let me start this off by saying that I’m not looking for a guide on how to use runes and what not. I know the search function is there for a reason. The reason I’m creating this thread, and finally leaving my lurker mode and having created an account after two years of reading up on stuff here, is because I want some opinions.

My father tutored me in several things before he passed away. Back then, I made an account here because he was a member here as well; lost the password to it, though (off-topic). One of those things was the usage of runes and I found it interesting. However, as a young boy, I was more interested in other things more befitting my age – to my fullest regret.

He told me to handcraft the runes myself as to load my spiritual energy in it and make it more personal, to have a deeper connection to my own set. I did that, barely putting effort into it, which caused the paint on the runes to fade away or smudge out by age. So, I’ve decided on re-creating a new set from scratch and this time with care and detail.

Now, the point of making this thread, is there anything else you can do to deepen your connection to said runes?

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If you can, all of the magic materials should be crafted by the magician, is not rule, but it helps. Also, tip for those runes, try to paint the runes on some small rocks as so: combine the red paint whit your blood. In this way your part of the essence will be there.


Thanks! I hadn’t thought of the blood connection, this helps.

Ye, in that way you can also bind runes to summon the nors gods if you really want.

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Through form of a ritual with the runes?

You dont have to go throw a special ritual to summon them, do as you do whit the other spirits, also runes are for divination, and binding.

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Maybe this will help you.

Thanks! I didn’t expect to be linked a manual or anything when creating this thread, so I really appreciate the effort!

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No problem ^^ Any time.

Back then I used English oak wood as staves upon which I polished, carved and stained. Use your own blood and spit. Store in a draw-string bag made from 100% natural fibres that you can sink your hand into.

P.s. Don’t trust Odhinn.


I recall that you had bad experience whit Odin ?

Just be careful. He really can’t be trusted. That’s my experience anyway. Obviously it’s a matter for you, but you’ve been warned.

P.s. I once made an oak wood runic dice set but never really got into it. I recommend The Poetic Edda translated by Lee M. Hollander and published by University of Texas Press.

Thanks for the heads up and the reference to the book, I’ll be sure to check it out!

Anything by Stephen Flowers aka Edred Thorsson, especially Runelore and Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic. I had a whole list of Odhinn’s names and I recited/chanted/called these using beads until my head started swimming.


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Thorsson/Flowers has taught me a lot through his books. Asbjorn Torvol doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of him, however.
Another I enjoyed and learned from was Teutonic Magic by Kveldulf Gundarsson. Anyone have any opinions on Gundarsson?

One way is to add a drop of your blood to the finished runes. And after that take a rune and intone it’s name and begin meditating on it. If ypu want a more step by step instruction on how to open them up, I can PM you.

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I agree with this. I have three rune sets, all hand made and stained with my own blood. If you make them out of wood, it seems to suck up the blood quite easily and seems to stay. My method is to carve them, and stain the carvings with the blood, I don’t use any paint, ink or anything else. My first hand made set, which are probably about 7 years old, has held up quite well with no loss of color in any way.
Funny thing, the last set I made was out of leather and they just don’t feel right. I don’t think they read correctly or are reliable. Possibly bad energies from how the cow was slaughtered, treated or how the leather was processed.

Edit: Also, it’s my belief that the runes should always be drawn/carved in downward strokes. I understand many don’t believe it’s necessary, to each their own.

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I’d like to add one more thing to my previous post and the method on how to open them and connect with them.

So after you’ve created the runes with your chosen material, some recommend either stone, wood or bone. Once the rune has been carved, you drop your blood onto each one of them.
Then begins the process of opening them I’ve been taught to do it by a nine day process that goes:

  1. Day 1-3: read everything and find out everything you can about the rune, the meaning behind it’s name what it represents etc.

  2. Day 4-6: meditate on the rune and intone, it will likely produce some sort of effect within you and around you, or bring up an image in your minds eye which you may need to contemplate.

  3. Dat 7-9: here you carve the rune into something and intone it, and enjoy the result.

To note this could be longer, but the nine day process works just fine, it should at least kickstart the process of getting to know the runes, since the runes have consciousness of their own. And each one has its own power and mystery and secrets which can only be found by you in silence and the through usage.

That’s about it.

Unlike some others on here I really like the material of Asbjörn Torvol, I have his book and have sent a few messages to him, and what’ve found is that the material he has put out works. I’ve previously used the material of Edred Thorsson - it worked just fine but I found it lacking in some parts or left things out. Whereas Asbjörns material filled in a lot of blanks and concepts that hadn’t talked about too much. Tje above method is one Asbjörn taught me after talking to him.

Finally, with the runes and magick in general it’s the results that’ matters. Why bother keep doing something if nothing comes of it.

Finally one more thing, runes can be used for Divination for sure, but they are way more potent when it comes to spellcasting and can be used for pretty much everything you can imagine.

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