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So basically, I have been looking into some different things for a few years now, and about a year seriously. The thing is, I don’t really have anyone around I could ask for help, tips and such, and not knowing where to start with the massive amounts of information feels taunting. Should I find a deity, and how? What if I (at least don’t think so) am not religious? What do I start with? What should I look into first? Should I just jump in and try to do rituals - if so how, when, with what? There’s a lot of questions, and I’m quite honestly stumped. And yes, I’ve asked this from some communities before, but was usually just told to do my research. And I would love to! But again, there’s so much material, it feels impossible to decide where and how to start, what to do with that and how to move forward. So, in short, help a completely clueless idiot out?


What are some of your goals? In what area of your life do you feel you would benefit from working with an entity? Are you looking for personal enrichment? looking to attract a new lover or enhance your romantic life? Need more money or a new job or any job for that matter? Find an entity that can assist. When determining WHICH entity, that’s a choice only you can make. We can give suggestions as to which ones can help in certain areas, but you’re the only one that can really do the research and decide which one can benefit you and your end goals.

Once you decide to work with a particular entity, then if you feel confident enough to do it, jump right in and do a ritual if it’s what you want to do. When it comes to your concern of “with what”, again, whatever you feel comfortable with. I work with demons, and use candles, incense, and their sigils but not even all at once. I use just the demon’s sigil sometimes and still manage to connect and see some sort of result. Some people choose to do elaborate rituals, some choose to do simple rituals, it’s all up to you.

We can advise til the cows come home, but really it all boils down to what’s your goal, research, pick an entity, and just start the work. :woman_shrugging:

Good luck…:cherry_blossom:


Start with practicing meditation and look up how to get in the theta gamma state or tgs. Thiz is where your minds at right before you fall asleep. Keep practicing daily and its like exercising a muscle. Gets easier the more you practice. From there you can do pretty much anything else. But slow down, take it one day at a time. Live in the moment, be present, relax and clear your mind. :grin:


There is a laic formulation of Magick, definitely, you may go with GD, Bardon, Koetting or Quareia etc.
Perhaps not all these paths are very laic (for example the Golden Dawn one) anyway that formulation, instead of deities, relies on correct practices; either ritual or meditative (direct magick), as well as a mix of both. So you may focus on the preparation of a physical Circle or its visualization, working on chakras, practice scrying…


The best starting point is always meditation. Try doing meditation and kundalini yoga everyday.

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Personally, I think it’s incredibly helpful to find a good grimoire that appeals to you and learn its system. There are plenty of books available through BALG, and through other publishers, such as The Gallery of Magick and The Power of Magick Publishing, to name a few.

The nice thing about working with a well-constructed grimoire is that you will have some structure to your practice, and clear instructions as to what to do in the rituals. You should also gain a sense of what it is possible to achieve with magick, and how you may go about reaching your goals, or even just having some fun (as magick can bring you many pleasures).

Another advantage of modern grimoires is that you are able to jump right into the magick with the spirits of your choice. Demons, angels, servitors, whatever you feel drawn to, you will find magick with.

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Try this:


Is there anywhere that you can think of that has the different paths explained and is reliable, or is it just a matter of research?

It’s all the matter of research you don’t need books to help but they are nice to have any and all info on an entity you can find it here through our stories in the search bar…


Meditation is key (unless you already have a connection to their world then we’ll still use it lol)
You mind gas to br focused on opening some chakras and on your goal you want to meet…I skipped this though n worked as I went along …

Next find the path that’s right for you

You can work with any kind of entity be it gods goddess angels arch angels or demons (I only work with demons they are not too bad) once you figured this out it’s best you find your gaurdian…they will help you the most

Go down a list of names like the goetia and just ask if they are your gaurdian some may say yes others no also ask if they feel like they can help you in an area of your life if yes make sure you keep their name…

Then get the sigil

Drawing the sigil for me at least is like it brings you closer to them…

Get color candles that match them

You never want to use candles that they don’t like they won’t come if you do…

Find enn

An enn is a chant that calls to them like a phone number kinda speak when they hear it they come…

Ask what you want them to do

Remember be blunt respectful and to the point or you may find that they give you a oddly specific thing you may have asked for but not asked fir lol

Sure back and let them work

Don’t worry about the results they may come insintly ifeverything is done right with out worry

Don’t forget to make an offer and so a cleaning before you call them of your soace you call them in and your self

I hope this helps you


Aside from Rendhell (a contemporary Italian author of Magick)'s books, which propose that laic approach, for two resources I mentioned you may go here: (also scroll down for the Legacy section)