Starting or Stopping water storms via Goetia

The goetia folks who have powers over winds, whirlpools, basically any sea warfare relation, may have an alternate use, to start or stop storms. Opinions?

It gets talked about on here from time to time. It takes a lot of work, and there’s always a pay off as balance has to be maintained.

Pazuzu is often the go-to for this sort of thing. There’s been people demonstrating practical weather control including starting or redirecting storms. E.g. Lord Josh Allen, using Taoist entities, he has several posts about Taoist weather magick. I think AdamThoth did something like that as well.

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Weather magick is some of the easiest magick to perform. Many accomplish it with a simple prayer, especially when young and faith is lacking (not to mention every culture in the world has done it). Although, creating a full on storm may be a bit advanced.

Use divination to see what would happen if you call upon the Goetia demon of your choice for this. That will be your best way to gain insight on this.

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Jerry Allan Johnson also has some good material about this