Starting my journal here on my work with Azazel

So originally my work with azazel was one to enhance my abilities in communication with spirits. He showed me, with great success, that i already have the ability to communicate, i just need to put down my divination tools and trust myself while continuing my work.

When i first called him i asked for his wisdom and knowledge. To say i was not expecting the trajectory of our work together would be quite the understatement. He has been pushing me strongly to do planetary magick, learn about astrology, and incorporate this into my work.

I didnt even know where to begin nor was this what i expected. A lot of the times, hell tell me what to do or how to do something, and then say “now go do it and call me again” leaving me with lots of research and supplies to go get.

When i asked what planet to start with, i thought saturn would be a good start since it was his planet. Instead he told me to start with Mars.
“Mars is the planet of passion, drive, aggression, desire and masculinity. Meditate during the hour of mars and write down every feeling and thought you have. Call me on mars’ ruling day”
He explained much more archetypes of mars but im paraphrasing here. I go off and do my homework.

Tuesday rolls around today. I call him forth and he comes super fast, like a gust of hot wind and high vibration.

“Now that you have felt the energy of Mars, i will teach you how to use the energy for whatever you like. Focus on an attribute of the planet. Pick an assortment of herbs, stones and fruits for that intent. You may make a bottle or an oil with the ingredients you have picked for this attribute, while calling on a deity or myself that is contributed to the planet. Funnel the intent while you make this into the outcome, focus on the feeling it would give, on the final result. After you finish the process, charge the product during the ruling Hour. Its especially potent if you charge it during its Day and Hour. If you make a bottle you can store it for later use, just call to the energy in the bottle when you need it but after you use it you must charge it again. Now make one of these and call me again”

This was the last week for me leading up to today. This is like a college course with a wicked cool professor. I am absolutely blessed to start this work with Azazel, and like i said he shows me what to do, but doesnt hold my hand thru the process. Leaving me to do more research, and it snowballs into a massive learning process.

So i have my tasks. I will update after i make an oil, probably an oil to fortify power and drive.


I have not yet made an oil however i have made a list of ingredients to buy and a recipe. Ive been putting it off because ive been loaded with work. However i had an interesting encounter with belial tonite.

I bought a pendant with his sigil on it and wanted to anchor his spirit to it, and it arrived today. I begin the rite and the call, however as i see belial thru the candle flame he turns and begins to walk away. I continue my call until he finally shows up, i explain to him the purpose of the rite and he gives the pendant the fire of his gate.

“I almost didnt show up. Your work with azazel is stalled and before my work with you may begin, you must finish what you started”

Belial grants me a familiar, the sigil of the familiar, i thank him and dismiss him.

I think azazel wants me to work on this and this alone. I did a reading for someone the other day to see what work they needed in their situation and my cards told me dont.

My gut is telling me something big is in the works here. Im missing the big picture or am being fed it piece by piece.

Tomorrow im making the oil. I have 2 more ingredients to buy and i will have what i need. I will evoke azazel and samael together, samael for being the ruling angel of mars, and charge the oil during the evocation at the hour of mars.

Update, i made the oil. My ingredients were dragons blood, aloe, basil, cedar and rubies.

Azazel attended the rite. I invoked him and felt his power mingle with mine and i began. Each activation of each ingredient i felt explode with energy, especially the rubies. After finishing i thanked azazel, he told me i shouldnt evoke samael to charge the oil since he attended the rite.

I will channel mars energy during the hour tomorrow into the oil and it will complete the oil. The intent of the oil is increase drive, courage, passion and fortify these qualities.

I also asked azazel about working with others, specifically my friend.

“You must focus on your current task. Im not one to take the backseat & im teaching you so ypu may help those with your own power in your future. You may teach those who need help, you may reach out to spirits to introduce her but that is as far as you may go. Do not do work for her unless it is a lesson.”

I thank him and dismiss him, and end the rite. Once the oil is charged i will write about its effects on my life.

Okay i know its been a week but i have an update. Ive been mixing in healing rites along w my current work w azazel but ive got a HELLUVA update.

I was gifted a sigil by azazel while learning about mercury. Ill post it here for you guys

The way it works is you draw the sigil of the planet on the inside of the triangle and open it up. It can be used to funnel a specific archetype of the planet thru or its energy as a whole, ive used it to charge these two oils i made. It also has quite another interesting use for it which ill explain now.

After i had finished making the oil of mercury, azazel told me to draw the sigils of mercury and mars on each palm, annoint my hands w the oils, and draw the sigils inside the triangle. I then called to each planet to fill me with their energy, and placed my first two fingers from each hand at the bottom two points of the triangle.

What happened next was unbelievable. I closed my eyes and in my minds eye i started to see the gate. The inside looked black as the void and i was being urged by azazel to walk thru the gate, to push myself as far as i could go. I walked thru while my body felt like it was completely seperating from each cell in my body.

When i came thru the gate i was seeing the planets and the beauty of the stars all around them. I was in shock cuz this was as clear as i had ever seen anything with my 3rd eye! I looked up a little bit and was blinded by a flash of light, which shocked me back into my physical body.

I was trembling all around. I began to meditate to fully get back into myself and to feel the effects these planets had on my being. It seems i underwent an alchemical process, according to azazel it “opened me right up”

Finally when i began to close up the ritual, azazel spoke up and said he had something to show me. I gazed into my obsidian orb and lucifers sigil popped right up.

Whatever is next azazel and lucifer will be working w me together. Im suppose to evoke them both at the same time here soon. All this was so much for me lol it was intense as intense gets.

I might make a seperate post to share the planet gateway with the good people of this forum.

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