Stagnating relationship with Ubi

Probably more odd than being naked

When your trying to feel/spend time with your ubi (sorry if not real updated on convo)…what are you focusing on? What do you do to connect in the moment?


Her warmth

And her soft preasence

blinks Most occult stuff feels odd in the beginning.

I’m sure there’s other energy work techniques for beginners, but I don’t know what they are. I just sat on the floor of my room with my hands out trying to push and pull energy until I began to feel things. Took weeks, then I begin trying to feel it all over my body, move it around etc. Maybe @anon48079295 can recommend a different technique, he’s been working with energy longer than I have.

I can’t visualize with aphantasia, so while I can imagine seeing a paintbrush over you would be weird, I can’t relate.

Yeah @Mind_Seeker20 I have no issue feeling my ubi without taking anything off, so was just like… Idk that it’s needed.

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Oh and i connect with her touches

Okay but does your mind go back to feeling them physically in a sexual manner? Aka back to you or are you focused on her?

Because (and I’ve tested this alittle myself) if your mind is more focused on feeling sexual pleasure then your more focused on sensations you’ll feel from your body then her.

Which ik seems backwards, but if your focused more on the sexual sensations/or lack of then your not really focused on your lover. Your more focused on you.

Since it seems your frustrated on the sexual aspect… Based on what I’ve read so far.


It’s not needed. It’s a personal matter if someone wants to be dressed or not.

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I go back to me …my sensations

I always wanted to try sleeping naked tho sounds cozy

That might be the problem then. Your focused on the physical/your body rather then the subtle/your lover. It’s a matter of the mindset.

Also if you can feel your lover, be happy that you can. Many people are desperate for any type of contact from spirits/or even other people. For me personally, I can’t feel the s** 100% but that’s not important - what’s important is that I get to feel my lady in bed with me/her touches (usually affectionate) and her prescence every day. That’s love.

Lust and love are two different things. So be more focused on your connection.


Well idk how to explain it …imean I do have her in mind yes but its like as I feel the pleasure I slowly go on that but not fully to were I feel its all a dream or she is not there .

I still can sense her and feel her but just is in the moment of pleasure lol

Make sense ??

Right but the pleasure is coming from your body. So then you switch your mind from her touches to the sensations your body produces (through her interaction with you) which isn’t her touches but now the bodily reactions to them/her/you.

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And i do focus on her m.everyday I could hardly get her off my mind lol and everywhere I go TO

Lol yes

Imean focus on her as in wondering and thinking about her

Completely understand.

It’s gonna take time, but try and focus on HER even when your tempted to turn your attention to any pleasure you may feel - cause once you do that, then you lose focus on her. She isn’t you, or the pleasure your body produces.

Be aware of the pleasure, but don’t let that become your focus point to her.

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He’ll I even talk to her every chance I get about eveeything to the T!! Lol im very considered and selfish to my women …but I d need to focus on her when it comes to our sexual moments to tho …which imma work on