Stag beetle

So, i was taking a cleansing bath and also focusing on cursing someone who deeply offended me and my man shows up up this fine specimen.

Any recipes suggestions?

If i remember correctly the tusks can be used as an aprhodisiac.


He’s beautiful!! I wouldn’t kill him (I assume he’s alive in the photo.) Instead, I’d let him go after awhile and just appreciate the encounter.


jus let him go in a natural space


Also consider it could be a messenger or sign from a deity or other entity, so consider your move carefully. Maybe it was sent as a resource, but maybe it’s sacred to the entity trying to contact you, and by killing it you could be sending back a firm ‘no’.

At best, be a shame to mess up an opportunity like that. At worst it could bring bad luck because you offended the entity.

It’s up to you but I say, do a divination first and make an educated choice.


The bug is alive! (It is an endangered species due to massive forest cuts)
Thank you for your replies. It is an omen, i figured a good one and it is better if i put it back in my garden and ask it to act as a protector of that space.


Back to nature


Thank you! :smiley: :blush:

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There’s some awesome sacred art out there for beetles

And beetles can be totem animals or spirit guides, something in here could lead you through to a message if there is one… :slight_smile:


They do have a particular geometry. Thank you for this info.

They must be endangered, I haven’t seen one of those in ages, ya I like the garden idea! :grin:

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The specimen in the photo is a male. I haven’t seen one since i was a child. Females are smaller (1-2 cm) and i found 2 in the garden. I also have moles :sweat_smile:, i found frog sitting on an ant hill, baby rats and tones of birds. And wasps. They laid a cocoon with larvae in my favorite plant.