Splitting consciousness

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Ok so i was thinking is it be possible to be fully conscious in your normal every day waking life but also be fully aware during astral projection at the same time? Like I could go about my day but also another part of me is fully aware in the astral body. And I would still be aware in my physical body. And I would have a direct link to my astral and total awareness in both body’s at the same time.

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Yes, it is possible.


Its called bilocation.

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I know what i mean when i’ve asked myself questions similar to yours, but i’m not quite sure what you mean when asking this question so i’ll give you the answer as i understand it.

learning to journey or astral project isn’t what most people think, it is the literal waking up in a dream and realizing that your dreaming (which everyone knows) but it is just as equally being able to “see” your inner dialogue/emotion and how it colors your reality (and it does to a drastic degree). we have a living world that lives skin deep inside of us that most aren’t aware of, we project it outwards onto the world. scrying is how i explore this realm.


Thanks but I have experienced astral projection. What you are describing is lucid dreaming. And sounds like you are describing the inner world.

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Great thanks for sharing. Have you experienced bilocation?

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It would be like playing 2 controller at once… it is possible if you put in the work!
Your conscious mind tends to focus on one task at a time but there are people who can multitask like crazy :crazy_face:

You are not 1 consciousness to begin with.