Spiritual Warfare

Hello, my darlings.

I’m looking for people who have gone through spiritual warfare to answer a few questions for me. I believe I am currently going through some kind of spiritual warfare and I’m looking for pointers to defeat them.

As background, I am just a psychic and not diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Symptoms of this spiritual warfare:

  • confusion
  • delusions
  • voices
  • vampires attacking my third eye
  • the banshee
  • the loss of a pet

I’m looking for simple yet effective spells (which I have not practiced before) to end the psychic attacks, and I would be ecstatic if some people from this community could come to my rescue.

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Look up unhexing or curse breaking, banishing and warding. Identifying your attacker would be ideal. Then bind them from working against you.

The tutorials on “spiritual hygiene” include techniques to disallow spiritual interference from various sources.

I suggest you list those in this thread so people can avoid them, since you didn’t include them in your introduction.

Identify the vampires and look up how to take your energy back.

These are not attacking spirits, they are ancestors warning of tragedy in the family, and only come with certain bloodlines. This is because thier origin story in with the burial barrows of the ancestors in Ireland where the line between human ghost and Fae becomes blurred. Real banshees are very rare outside of Ireland. It’s highly unlikely to be a banshee.


I actively engage other practitioners on a regular basis. I think Mulberry’s approach is likely the best one at the present. Most practitioners only think about sending the spell towards their enemy, but not about how well versed their enemy is in defense. Let those attacks crash against stout defenses.

Stout defenses are important. They give you enough space and distance to breathe and approach anything offensive much more rationally than you would under duress.

When I intervene for others, giving them this sort of defensive space is the first thing I do.


Thank you.

I only know how to use a magic mirror. I have a mirror that is a direct portal to hell. I light a candle in front of the mirror and speak to hell and can have anything I want.

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Mul gave some good suggestions.

One of the easiest ways to obtain some help is a patron/matron. Is there an entity you feel close to or that may have an interest in you?

They will help significantly and will eventually guide you towards more independence in that area. It’s a process, not an event.

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I will try and contact a demon that I have had some interactions with.

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May I recommend, getting a plant(s)?

Plants can transmute energy, exchange energy, have their own energetic properties, make oxygen, be used for cooking(like white sage, which can be used for smudging), andtank damage for you

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My only engagement that could be classed as such is quite recent. I’ve had a couple simple one-and-targets but they had no impact.

The recent thing was very obvious. Someone sent a spiritual creature that appeared before me twice. I also felt it. It was confirmed by a couple spirits too and others involved in a related thing with me had some similar issues.

What did I do? I decided maybe it was time for some formalized protection and wards. So I made some a couple days later. (I’m not disclosing details because I don’t give out my protective systems, that just seems a bad idea).) And I spoke with a spirit I’m very close to who gave me a familiar and added his energy and seal to my wards.


Hello, there are a few strategies here:

  • Return to sender spells if you know or suspect a specific attacker, such as a mirror box spell
  • protection such as a witches bottle buried at your front door, black salt around the perimeters of your home and protective amulets
  • spiritual hygiene and meditation to increase your general immunity to attacks.

Helpful resources are: Psychic self defence video course on BALG, or protection magick by Jason miller is a good book.