Spiritual Senses

How do I activate and use my spiritual senses, that I might see and hear entities?

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This is unrelated to the subject at hand. But I stalked your profile and saw that you are a independent Catholic Bishop that follows the LHP. That’s a new one…:flushed:

Anyway, welcome aboard!


Research everything you can, and try everything out.

Some pointers:

Konstantinos, Summoning Spirits exercises.
Joy of Satan exercises.
Eliminate fluoride from your diet and exercise.
Lucifer/King Paimon/Varnaxis/Sastan/Mepsitahl are good for helping you with senses.
Have another magickian help you by sending energy to you.
Do as much evocation and rituals as you can (especially rituals for your spiritual senses).
Meditation and silencing your mind.

How long it will take you to open your senses, completely depends on you.


Thank you. Just to explain that a little. I wanted to do all the god-like things attributed to Jesus, and I am already able to so some of them. I came to realise that Jehovah was more of a devil and that Lucifer is a benevolent god. I came y9 believe in a community of gods, kinda like a government a collection of different ministers working together. Sometimes they have their differences. I came to realise that Jehovah is a tyrant, and that Lucifer wants man to become gods. Jehovah wants man to worship him and him alone. In the Old Testament, he instigated many wars, is cruel, demands animal sacrifice and is prone to smiting people. The god Jesus spoke of, is benevolent, healing, merciful and reconcile. In fact Jesus once quoted Psalm 80 to the Jews: “I have said that he are gods. Sons of the Most High”. He also once said to the Jews: “You are sons of your father, the devil”.

I gradual came to realise that I am able to do healings, and miracles of different kinds, by my own power. Not that of another god. I came to believe that I am a god, who either forgot that I am a god, or had my god abilities deactivated.

Locally, many people do not believe i am a real priest, even though I uploaded pics of my ordination by an archbishop, onto Facebook. Then they mocked me, called me fake priest, faggott and a paedophile, even on the street to my face. I used to bless them and heal them. Now when people cross me, I command they be punished; I send demons to them and curse them to their faces, publicly, until they realise the error of their ways, and the Truth of who I most deeply am; and repent.

Then I decided that I would no longer operate as a priest to them, and I withdrew my services from them. Then I decided, I would use my spirituality for my own benefit and ascension to godhood. Enter Lucifer and the demons. Hail Lucifer and the Old Gods. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps you understand my path.


Thank you for that lovely post.


Thank you, for your kind words. :slight_smile:


Thank you, @anon20147451 for your very helpful suggestions. I will post for and experienced magickian/priest to help and guide me.

Do you know of someone?

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Thank you. Feel free to stalk my profile anytime. You can message me also. :slight_smile: