Spiritual presence in your home

Hello everyone

I hoep everyone’s day is going well.
I want throw something into the forum as there are qusetions that I am struggling to get answers to.

A few weeks back I was off work for a month during to a phase of severe, dark depression. During this time and towards the latter stages of my depression, I noticed and intense cold spot manifest near where I was laying. (Note that all the windows and the doors were closed and the heating was on and my sofa was placed away from doorways). The next day as I was laying on the sofa with a blanket over me during the day. Again a cold spot appeared, but the aroma of rotting flesh and feces followed then disappeared. The cold spot grew and stayed with me.

My question is in three parts:

  1. Was this cold spot or activity caused by my pyschological state or was a spirit present?

  2. Do spirits seek out people out to work with even though the person hasn’t summoned them?

  3. Is this some kind of trickster spirit mimicking another spirit?

Please can anyone shead any light on this cos I need to know if this is part of my journey I am upon. I have communicated with what I think maybe a spirit using digital recorders, apps on my phone to detect energy and to get it to vocalise some kind of conversation and to find out it’s purpose for being here at my home.

Many thanks in advance.

It sounds likely this is a malicious spirit in your house or attached to you. Might be related to the depression, either in causing it, or in being attracted to it.


It doesn’t seem to be trying to communicate or be other than itself right now - I’m hearing parasite. Some traditions call those tricksters.

Cleanse and banish as much as you can, repeatedly, for all you’re worth.

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You are not the first person to say this but I wanted to double check to get another opinion. Tbh it hasn’t done anything malicious to me and is just appearing as cold spots. I am performing a cleansing ritual…I have cleaned most of my home and only two rooms left to clean and then I will perform the cleansing and bannishing rituals. Thank you so much for helping me with this…ver much appreciated…blessings and happiness to you

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Also you answered ‘yes’ to my 2nd question…how will I know this is genuine spirit who wants to work with me or is just a trickster? My altar has not been consercrated yet as cleaning and cleansing are important rituals imo…that is what I am doing at present, cleaning and cleansing my home

How do you know this didn’t cause your depression? That it’s a parasite that’s been with you for years,and you’re now sensing as it gets stronger?

How do you normally get messages from entities? If you have not developed your psychic senses, you want to be on the alert for signs and omens, info you stumble across, people around you saying the same things unexpectedly, synchronicities - and with all these the intuition on your part that these are related and significant.

Ask for a sign giving you info on who it might be, and wait for these synchronicities.

Then, banish and re-evoke the entity in question, and ask it if it was the one that called you.

Kinda like, not following a phishing email link to your ‘bank’ - you call your bank directly.

I have been very spiritual form an early age, having strange occurances happen everyday from the age of 4 years old to 9 years old. I would hear a whistling noise drop from high to to low in pitch and see a bird with mutiple auric layers and it descended then disappeared. While this happened I felt I was frozen to the spot and time had stopped.

In my adult life I studied and practiced martial arts, both internal and external styles. The internal style I practiced and taught was tai chi and incoporated forms, energy building and medititation. I have also had 2 Reiki attunements. From what I have mentioned I think my psychic develooment is at quite an adept level and I am also very sensitive to energy.

There have been some synchronisities this past week during this tough time, feeling more positive and returning to full time work…sometimes my dreams have messahes embedded with in them which I decipher and use as guidance.

Given this, I would expect you should know exactly who is contacting you.

Since you don’t, that your sensitivity makes you attractive to entities including parasites you haven’t spoken about a regular psychic hygiene practice, I don’t think this is a named, known entity.

Cold spots can be caused by the daemonic, but it’s more usually a feeding practice of human ghosts and lesser entities. It’s a vampiric thing, where it’s absorbing energy from the environment to feed. That means it’s close to the material plane as well. That feeding is known to cause depression.

You didn’t answer my question - how do you know this presence didn’t cause your depression, and in fact hasn’t been around for longer than you could feel it?

Reiki attunement are another red flag for me, that system is flawed, imo and has a large number of poorly and self trained practitioners, some of whom are themselves parasitised without having the skill to know it. As a qigong practitioner, I have a really dim view of it for it’s dumbed down and non-technical approach. It leaves it’s practitioners zero tools to even recognise let alone cope with the unexpected.

That is what I am uncertain of if that entity did cause the depression or it has been caused by recent events and how my life has changed. I know that is part of my psyche that I am pone to bouts of depression.

The Reiki attunements I receivied were from a Qigong master who practiced Lin Kong Jing, I recived four symbols to work with.

The cold spots appeared during my depression but have also appeared when I was very happy within my life when I was happy and practicing and teaching martial arts

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