Spiritual pregnancy symptoms

Does anyone know the symptoms of spiritual pregnancy? I had sex with a ghost and I think I might be spiritually pregnant. I have skipped a period but @Lady_Eva and I have hypothesised that it is psychosomatic. I hope so. I don’t want to the new Mary.

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There are already threads about this and a lot of info.


I know but I’m worried because @Lady_Eva said you can’t get pregnant through sex with spirits and I’ve also skipped a period.

If this is possible at all, and I’m not seeing it right now, it’s up there at miracle status and takes way more power than a ghost could muster. That’s because you need a sperm with healthy dna to fertilise an egg, which also has a bunch of hurdles to get over to successfully survive and implant into the uterine wall.
99.99% of the time, sex with entities doesn’t manifest any matter at all, let alone the complex physical, living sperm needed to fertilise an egg.

It’s all energy based, and that energy can also mess with your periods. Also the stress could mess up your hormones to make your period late. If you’re that worried and don’t want to wait, get a pregnancy test from the pharmacy to confirm it.

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“Ghosts” are residual energy you can get spiritually pregnant by an entity but not by a ghost. That’s like getting knocked up by your imagination. However, if you are spiritually pregnant the symptoms have similarities and differences.

Also spiritual pregnancy doesn’t really have anything to do with all this lol.

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That’s reassuring to know :blush:

Actually…having sex with a demon and then having sex with a human can cause you to have a demonic pregnancy or a actually pregnancy I am not sure how this works but I’m going through this now I don’t know if I am yet tho buuuuuutttttt I read a post that the poster had twins but one wasn’t her husband baby an incubus you Kno by force and she had relations with her husband which resulted in two babies one was older in gestational age then the smaller one and we’re born on this plane so it’s possible two demons confirm this as well…so yeah lol

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Best to take a pregnancy test to be sure

I know people who have children physically and spiritually, when they’re close to their due date they prepare for their spiritual child to reincarnate into the unborn baby before it’s born. So the child will be their child physically and spiritually.

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How is that even done?

Near their physical due date, depending if their spiritual child is born first anyway, they have the soul/spiritual child put into the vessel of the unborn baby since it’s like a walk-in case but since the unborn baby is technically “empty” it’s pretty much like reincarnation.

I see I don’t think that is the case for me something about the mixture of the stuff or something idk how this all works this is my first as well so finding good info for me is needed

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It’s something I want to do myself but given I’m adopting I dont think I can do that with my spiritual children lol.

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Lol no but it’s good to know kids need a great home you know

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That doesn’t really make any sense to me, so I’d love to hear more about it.

In my understanding of how the physical body is formed, and how a spirit gets to walk into the body, these are two separate processes. One is the physical animal process, the other, in the model I use is that the fetus won’t even get it’s spirit until it’s at least 9 weeks old anyway.

It’s possible for a spirit to choose parents and encourage them to conceive at an auspicious time, but that doesn’t require sex of any kind on the astral. That’s really irrelevant, they just do that for fun imo.

The baby is already conceived, and the incarnation process is a wholly different thing, so there’s no energetic benefit or effect made by having the spirit influence the human mother to have an orgasm or whatnot.

Now it’s possible to have an astral pregnancy and birth an astral entity, but this is a different thing again. Maybe there a way to birth the new astral being into the animal baby? I’m not sure why anyone would do that,my view of the hardship of being human is such that I wouldn’t wish this on a new entity and I’s rather let it have time to learn how to be an entity before throwing physicality at it.


I’m not even sure how this works my self… Actually…

I know once they “shot their energy” in you then some have spiritual children from that… But what happened if a human male sperm mixes with that energy? I was told the child becomes a demonic child that stays on this plane basically of a sorts again I only know what I’m told I myself have no idea wtf is to come from this I won’t know for sure til the 16th what has transpired either sooo I’m just as clueless as everyone asking me about it lol but I’m sure Jacob has no reason to trick me so I trust him :blush: