Spiritual Marriage


@SoliMar Congratulations to you and the king.




He, King Paimon, wants everyone to know that when I come here on BALG that through me, He is also observing this forum. (He’s aware already, but now He is seeing it through His consort’s eyes.) Those of you who have wished congratulations on this union will receive a spiritual gift in the coming days.
He also wants me to say that He takes a special interest in those devoted to Him who have found their way to BALG and know that it was not by accident.


Although I never worked with King before (and had been trying to work with Azazel) would like to congratulate you, and find out more.

Well, first and foremost, congratulation to you and King.
Second, having a spiritual marriage, does that mean you will have spiritual kids?


Congratulations on both you and King Paimon on your union. My regards to King Paimon from me, Lilith and my succubus spouse. :heart_decoration:




@SoliMar A few months ago I had some dreams and I saw some things related to him, what he wants from me, or what we have? (I’ve tried to evoke him sometimes) I just do not understand.


Thank you Brandon–spiritual children aren’t on the agenda, in fact it’s never been discussed.


Take your time Arrow, remember that it’s not going to be dramatic, Hollywood-type effects when one does an evocation. On many occasions I have seen some phenomenal things happen (in palo, santeria, espiritismo, and now with King Paimon) however, I’m a seasoned medium and priestess. Even I don’t have spiritual, astral pyrotechnics each time I do an evocation or spell.
Eventually you will ‘feel’ the energy in the room shift and know that the One you’ve called has made an entrance.
Trust in yourself Arrow, you’re learning.


I just did the letter of intent ritual. While doing it I noticed wind blowing over me and the fire of the candle burn vigorously. I also felt somewhat of a presence, does this mean it worked?


Congratulations to you, and to King Paimon. May your union be lovely.


A heart felt thanks to you, Samnu!


Congratulations to you and King Paimon. For me, coming to BALG is something that I have never ever thought of and the one thing that brought me here was Googling the word Azazel. I came to know of that word when attending a situation as a police officer.


Congratulations to both you and King Paimon. :slight_smile:


Since this whole spiritual marriage stuff is really really new to me and I have no idea what words to say on this other than congratulations…:smiley: Blessings to you both! fingerpistols


How are things going now?


Congrats on your union!! :hugs:

Remember the truest magic is in not getting married but in staying married.

Ps: I got that wise quote from a movie (Baggage
Claim). :sweat_smile:

Ubarikiwe. (Meaning: Be blessed in Swahili)


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Very well, thank you! I feel Him right with me very often; He sends helpful spirits to help me also in my work. King Paimon is a great at uncovering the truth. I’ve never known such peace before…