Hey guys I need some help… I was wondering how to contract a spirit through a ouija board. Please and Thanks :pray: :shushing_face::kissing_heart:

Please avail yourself of the forum’s search function in the upper right of your screen. There are many threads about ouija boards.


You can also look in honoring death it’s on Amazon and it has some info on using a ouija board to contact either a spirit or Daemon.

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Ok… now one question for you big shot :bow_and_arrow::wink::yum:. I have what you might call a parasite. It tends to speak to me often. It sounds like a seductively yet warm women. And everything that she tells me to do leads me to success. I want to contact it, i want to make it real. I want her to be real… so that she can help me with my plan.

Who is this person, what is she?

Since you can talk to her, you should really ask her that. Then research the answers she gives you.

Sorry for delay, I researched what she gave me, it doesn’t make sense. She says that she is what ever I want her to be. I think I created her. she says I could contact through ouija as if it were phone call.

If you feel toy created her, sounds reasonable. But if you created her, she’s not a parasite. Does she take your energy?

The less pleasant option is she’s a lesser entity playing you, and you were accurate when you called her a parasite.

A third option is she’s a symbiote, more like a human or succubus relationship would be symbiotic.

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My heart aches whenever she talks, like there is too much love. She’s something I long for. When ever she talks it empowers me. She only helps

I did write a succubus letter. No reponse, no dreams, nothing at all.

I had sensation of a hickey the night I sent it but otherwise nothing

It’s for you to decide what you think you have.

I moved the thread to the Love, Sex Magic and Relationships category. I suggest you read through the other threads in that category and compare the experiences with succubi. Maybe this is the result you wanted.

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I’m so lost