Spirits won't stop attacking me

Spirits won’t stop attacking me. I really need help. It’s a constant - when I am outside, when I go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning. I have so much protection up, and yet it all seems to be rendered ineffective. I am tired. I am exhausted. I don’t know what to do.

Please help me.

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Honestly, yesterday something weird happened to me as well (if you would like to know take a look at my thread).

and the day before i felt like someone slapped me on my left side.

i need help too.

It has been a year of harassment and not being able to sleep for me, which is why I am so desperate for help.

Ok… I have a few questions for you.

Do you feel a negative prescence around you?

What experiences help you note that you are haunted?

How have you tried to protect yourself?


What causes you to believe this? what did you do to attract said ‘spirits’ to you?


I’m going thru the same thing. Someone sent the entity to me to posses me and kill me. Do you know who sent yours?

I would recommend looking into warding and other magical ways of protecting your energy. Sorry to hear about all this! Sounds stressful. A quick tip with warding; many wards of differing types are much better than just one. Good luck :blush:

The easiest way is to give up warding, relaxing and inviting the entity to do whatever it likes. “Bon appetit” :wink:
Most of these entities feed on fear and the nervous system. If you relax yourself (PMR f.ex) and simply give a sh…t about their presence you will deprive them of their power over you.
My mentor gave this practice to me. He asked “what can happen?” - exactly nothing.
Most of this is your fear and overactive imagination anyway. The feeling of being haunted will go away. Not today. Not tomorrow. But gradually.
At least in my experience.

After a year and a half I figured it out! Holy shit!

There is so much pain and chaos right now in the world ,and there are a pleathura of parasytic spirits in the astral taking advantage of it.

Have you tried summoning a spirit during evocation for the sole purpose of protection?

Call someone like Azazel, king paimon, or levitation. Tell them you are being bullied and need help, I’m sure they will!

What kind of attacks out or curiosity?
Like, are they throwing stuff at you or mentally taking jabs?


So, why do you think these spirits are attacking you? People always post about spirits attacking them, but do not give us the full story. How can we assist you if you do not give us the full story. Were you trying to place a curse on someone? Were you trying to do a ritual? What led to this situation?

Alot of times people think attack when 75% of the time the spirit is just trying to get your attention. Basically say " Hey, I’m here."


@NNP My guess is these folks who say they are being attack are casting spell left and right from the forum instead of getting basics safety info and safety protection spells before casting. They just jump into deep end by casting whatever spell of magick. Didn’t get basics down so they just jump into the deep pool.