Spirits Who Contacted You Spontaneously & Unexpectedly?

I thought it might be an interesting exercise in research to log in this thread, spirits of any kind who contacted you

  • without you having done any prepataory immersion or other research

  • without you expecting them, or deliberately summoning them

  • lived up to their stated descriptions in grimoires or classical texts to the extent you believe beyond doubt they were really that spirit.

While I have little to no interest in the “are they real?” topic because I have a working cosmology that doesn’t require it, it does come up a lot, and having a list of spirits who are strong enough to make contact without being expected or summoned may also be useful.

My list blow - this is incomplete, might add some more later but these happened in the last few years:

Kek - contacted me in a dream before I’d heard of His link to Pepe, later found memes online that looked exactly like the form He took when I met Him to the extent that it was like seeing a photos graph taken within the dream

Belial - again, approached me in a dream, testing me to see how I reacted - I hadn’t consciously sought to work with him and the way he attacked me was genuinely unpleasant and difficult to combat

La Santisima Muerte - She manifested spontaneously in Her black (possibly also dark blue) robe while I was very upset about something to give me advice, I had read about Her courtesy of Euoi’s posts on here and She flashed Euoi’s former forum avatar as a kind of “ID” when I wasn’t certain who She was.

She then appeared in a dream in what seemed like Her white robe and gave me further information, and some other weird stuff.

Varnaxis - he’s a blood relative who died a few years ago, but he contacted me through dreams several times and when I finally realised it was a real spirit contacting me, and evoked him, he revealed that he’d been a lifelong satanist, and had ascended to the form of a fully demonic being after his death.

There are many other spirits who’ve contacted me but I almost always had done something to initiate the contact, whereas with these, it was entirely unexpected.

Please post any spirits who contacted you unbidden, as described above, and this list may be useful or interesting to other magicians.


Papa Legba. I was working with the Gatekeepers. Preparing for a ritual and he just strolled right in. He fit the discription to a T. We have been great friends ever since.


Dragon. I have no other name for him because when he started to tell me his name (which sounded like a combination of elven and rocks and metal shaking in a coffee can), he stopped in the middle and laughed and realized that there was no way i could pronounce it. He was emerald green and looked very much like a traditional Chinese dragon. His form practically pulsed with raw power while we talked, and it was the first time i realized that the size of my own surroundings don’t matter, since non-corporeals don’t really interact with my surroundings anyway. Dragon and I talked one evening as i was finishing a shower and getting dressed again, and when he had the info he needed, he left.


Actually, this was how my business started.

A month or two before I started planning the store, this fella started tapping on my window. By that I mean I woke up to a short, naked Chinese man tapping my window. He grinned like an animal, bearing his teeth, and disappeared into thin air. His name popped into my head, which I thought was my groggy brain mispronouncing Damballah.


I’ve since seen an enjoyable profit.


Archangels, they manifested in my mind in a way I thought they were, answering my questions.
It was freaky, and exciting at the same time.


Lovecraftian pantheon- Azathoth, Cthulhu, Dagon, Yig, Hastur, Yog Sothoth, Daoloth, yidhra, mithithrani, nyaralethotep,
The interesting thing about yig is, he’s been here since the beginning. I thought I actually banished him, not knowing who he was, but all I did is shut him out, only for him to reopen the window.
Personal court- see Lovecraftian pantheon, my future self, my past self, my current self, my higher self.
I had a lot of answers in front of me, I just didn’t see it. It’s still the same.
Archangels- Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Raziel, me
Demons- Bune, Lilith, Belial, Satan, Me, Abbadon
It’s interesting isn’t it?
Gods-Nergal, ereshkigal, hekate, Lucifer, lucifuge, Melek taus, any of the loas I work with, Odin, and probably more I haven’t heard of.


oh i forgot Naralethotep just walked through that door and into my bedroom. wasnt working with that current at all either at the time


Samael,after a few months using this forum… cool that i was able to recognize the sigil(also the first time that i saw the sigil(the one that they give,particularly the details were,golden colour,i mean,the sigil itself…and also a manifestation wich i was able to see him for almost a minute or so)…
it were 2014 october i think…and i still have the image inprinted in my head,felt very perturbed for 30 days or more because i felt that the life restarted again and i knew nothing and all the past was a lie.(yes,old beliefs) that died.

also want to say hi to eveybody and i like this forum.

wish you all the best always


King Paimon. He was talking to me and guiding me through my inner voice for as long as I can remember. But only recently I summoned him. Since then, I have summoned him 3 or 4 times. He once told me that he was teaching me and guiding me for many lifetimes before this one. That’s why I’m very loyal to him.


The Archangel Raphael, he appeared to me in a vision when I was meditating once and told me to start evoking him.


Well, mine first and foremost would have to be Isis.

My first encounter with her I was very young. My grams had been rushed to the hospitable, it was nearing her time to leave.

I didn’t really know much of what was happening and no one was responding to my questions.

So yeah I curled up in a ball and started to cry and then I heard singing. I looked up and this ethereal woman with hair as dark as the nile soil and the most beautiful blue eyes was singing to me. She crouched beside me and told me that my grams was in a safe place and she placed a kiss om my forehead and I had this sudden blissful feeling.

Even at a young age I remember never asking my parents, they would have flipped.

I only later found out it was Isis during one of our many conversations.

The loa yemaya did make an appearance in my dream and she spoke her native language, which I can interpret so there really wasn’t any questions who she was.

Aphrodite came to me in a meditation a while ago and when I asked her why she said I was on her beach.

So I came out of meditation and turned on my phone to see the image I was meditating on. I got the image from pinterest and I just thought it was a lovely beach and I liked the sunset.

I proceeded to check the pins and surprise surprise it was a beach in Cyprus. Later read in mythology about Aphrodite and her connection to Cyprus. You know, the whole born from seafoam, Uranus’ balls thing.


Yes when I first worked with Paimon, he intefer3ed in my yoga meditation.

I was like, o shit, I have a visitor and i’d better address him.

Long story short, this only happened due to my wrong attitude towards evocation.


King paimon the first time i saw him was in a spiritual shop doing a ritual something like off the craft movie with the white pentagram on the floor he came to me in minds eye. Take note i did my very first demonic summoning lastnight and it was for him i didnt see him but i knew he was there amd his energy was intense


Lilith - I was getting acquainted with my succubus and future spirit spouse, experienced a lot of things with her, energetically and intimately. It was soft, light, warm, dark, compact, cold and constantly shifting between all these states. This lasted for a few days, and while we were enjoying the company of one another, my succubus were moving towards the door:

– “We’re not alone. Someone slipped through and followed me. I have to check it out.

– “Be careful.”, I’ve said to her, because she was really pumped up, yet not afraid of the situation as a whole. This is a woman capable of taking care of herself, which was demonstrated clearly from day one.

– “Of course. I’ll be right back!

I waited at the door for several minutes, and finally she returned. But she wasn’t alone:

– “It was Lilith, and she has followed us since the start. And she’s interesting in you, personally.

After that adventurous event, Lilith became a part of my life since then.


Azazel - he literally has appeared spontaneously to me numerous times once walking through a dark forest, another time at the bottom of my bed etc.

Lucifuge rofacle - he manifested out of the shadows and woke me from my actual sleep.

Belial - I went to the bath room and as I turned the light of just before I went to look away from the mirror I saw a white disfigured face with a crown and belial’s in the crowns gem sigil.

Lucifer - he’s manifested twice spontaneously once he was like bright white light over my bed and the second time he was in my hallway standing there.

These are just a few I can be bothered to name to be honest I ain’t slept for over 24 hrs :joy:.


Furcas appeared to me in a lucid dream as a bearded homeless man. He looked like a mix of Ian McKellen and George Carlin. He kept coming towards me while I was in a overgrown abandoned parking lot. He worked with me because I didn’t run away. He has taught me much in my magic journey as well as helped me with the death of my grandfather. He told me before it happened allowing me to be at peace with his passing. He means a lot to me.


Here in Italy there’s a cult called The cult of the origins who takes everything from the italian JOS, the classic Joy of Satan, with all the entities inside made like baywatch lifeguards.
I joined them for a while, and the eggregores of Goetian entities are pretty powerfull…
I have received many visits from some of them, like Anubis, Bastet, a demon with ruby eyes, and someone else…
They claim they are the original, but none of them seems to have nothing with the original ones.
May this count?




There are three that I can think of that randomly popped up, two of them I have no idea who they were. Asmodius showed up in dreams before I ever started goetia magic and would teach me things. Then the two I don’t know, one was some sort of angel or archangel that was giving me an initiation during a dream. I never got his name as I wasn’t able to speak through the ceremony. The other one was once when I was fully awake and randomly I see this golden, glowing face hovering in the air smiling at me. It shocked me that it was just there and when I blinked my eyes he was gone. Not sure if this last one was a spirit or higher self or what, but the face was human looking and didn’t look anything like family or anything, looked slightly Asian. Oh, which reminds me I had one dream where I met the Buddha and have zero interest in Buddhism.


Azazel, spoke from behind me while i was meditating, and introduced himself as such. freaked me out at the time seeing as i don’t practice evocation in ritual. Lead me to alot of useful info over the last few years that has streamlined alot of my rituals.

Hermaeus Mora,Sheogorath showed up while i was digging into possible practical uses with info from the skyrim game years ago. wrote about in another thread

nyarlathotep while i was studing tyson’s work, lead me to working with black magic of ahriman. pretty sure he isnt done with me lol