Spirits to help open clairs

I wanted to do this ritual three months ago when something stopped me

a magician friend did a reading for me and said that I can’t work with infernal and goetia for now, and angels will not work with me either.

You see,I have bought and done almost all the ea koetting courses and have activated my kundalini three times so far and done a lot of energy work but my claires won’t open.Apparently, there is a blockage in my energy body that prevents this, and I hope that this ritual of king Belial will break it.I am sure of this because the first time I looked at these sigils, I felt their influence.
Now the only thing I want is to use another spirit other than king Belial in the ritual, but I don’t know who. If any of you can help me find the right spirit I will do reading for him/her after my claires are opened.

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Hi thankhs for sharing any progress ? Appreciate how you explained this and know you are not alone.

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You can try using the seal of Paralda, the elemental king of Air, or that of the Neptunian spirit Mepsitahl. EA Koetting uses both of them in his evocation course and his book Evoking Eternity for opening the senses.


Thank you, I know about these two, but I don’t want to cause trouble for any spirits, I say this because I had a dream that King Belial had to fight to enter my space.i mean,I want the name of my desired spirit to be determined by consulting the spirits, this is more reliable.

The “for now” means there is a chance that you will be able somewhere in the future?
A change in pantheon might still not work for you. I would personally take that time to focus on bending, changing and directing your own energy in spellwork. Instead of searching for a spirit regardless. There’s a whole world to be discovered in magick from simple knot and candle magick to folk magick to chaos magick to more complex weaving of energies, all of those don’t really need the involvement of spirits.

If you seriously don’t feel like that is your style. Perhaps try planetary magick, or local/ ancestral gods or goddesses.

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If you have a spiritual “blockage” of sorts, you can clean the route with Cedar. You can make a tea with it.
There’s more but try that


I apologize but would you accept a reading for me?

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Well, “for now” means that someone (magician or God?) has forbidden me from working with them. I have seen something like this before.And I can’t do anything about it unless my claires are open,So someone needs to talk to King Belial for me so he can introduce me to an alternate spirit.

Of course, but after you find a suitable spirit for me

It s a deal! :wink:

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Ok @DarkestKnight ,Things are getting interesting…
Mepsitahl came to my dream and showed me aa Raziel (i guess), apparently I need to perform the angelic version of the ritual.
Can you channel it? Make me your lab rat :joy::sweat_smile:

Please be aware, that on this forum we have a rule that ALL work must be completely, absolutely FREE, free.

We will help you free, and you can do readings free, but you may not make doing a reading done through this forum conditional on any kind of payment. This includes people only helping you expecting “payment in kind” of a reading. You don’t owe us anything: this is what we do here :smiley:

I have updated the title to clarify what the post is asking, and that there is no “if”, of course we’ll help. :slight_smile:


I have a feeling you’re being blocked by an attachment or someone is impeding your progress.

See if you can have a psychic surgery done to clear yourself, and do energy work to check your different energy bodies.

I’m big on Donna Eden’s exercises these days, so read her book and look into doing those. The plus is that Donna’s stuff opens your clairs.


Can u name one of her books which helped you?

Her book Energy Medicine has a lot of great exercises in it; i recommend that to start.

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Astaroth can help you.
You can engrave her seal in silver and wear it as a necklace, or keep her seal with you in every meditation.

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Tnx but What you are saying is on a professional level, when I can’t see the energy, how should I do surgery?

Tnx,well,He/she was my first guess, but as I said before, I’m not allowed to work with the infernal, and Astaroth confirmed it. Plus I did that ritual twice, but king Belial didn’t come.

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YES, I would Love a reading!!

Hi there !

I asked Belial and Dantalion to help you when we had this conversation.

The day i asked you a guidance by cards. I worked with elmira j greige ’ book , a goetia pathworking .

Apparently it failed.

I can try with this book again. I use goetia to “deal with” toxic parents ( also love theodore rose stuff but it s another topic):wink: