Spirits to heal

I know this will sound very off or weird but I am very serious. I hate to get personal but I feel I can share here. My daughter was born with special needs. Its irreversible medically. Is there any spirit, preferably an angel but just any spirit, that could actually heal her? I know, i know, this might even sound impossible but with all the things spirits can help with I figured id ask. If medical diagnoses is needed Ill share. Is it possible for a spirit to make her a “regular child” again? I love my daughter very much but I just wish I could take it away. Id appreciate advice.

What specifically is she effected by?

She was born with brain malformation and has a few diagnoses. Part of her brain wasnt formed properly which immensely affects her speech, the way her brain processes things, along with celebral palsy, half blind in 1 eye.

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You can call on Archangel Raphael, he is known as the ‘Divine Physician’. I will say, it’s likely not going to be reversed fully but it may allow her to recover more than she would otherwise. Be sure to do everything in the mundane world that will help the situation, any efforts would also likely be blessed by Archangel Raphael if you call on him.

I recommend the book ‘Archangels of Magick’ by Damon Brand for this.


Yes, he is the only one i know of who can heal. I mean, the only way to fix it would be to actually heal her brain. I mean, without that there really isnt a recovery aside from really trying to make her progress. In your opinion, do you think he actually has the power to fix it or he doesnt but can help as much as he can?

He has the power but much of it relies on the Magician’s power. That’s why even with spirit magick you become more successful the more you practice. But even as a first working it will help. I recommend you read through that book thoroughly, and perhaps first do a ritual with Archangel Raziel to empower the working you’re going to do with Archangel Raphael (All in that book). Some other Archangels in there can also help in other ways.

Now, I don’t know if she will recover fully, but if she is still developing then that gives it more room for extra recovery, and even if not then the ritual will likely help the situation as much as possible.

im still a newbie when it comes to working with spirits. I summoned demons a few years ago and it turned out for the bad for me but i was told angels are harder to connect with and work with, not sure how true that is. So, i guess i do need to work on myself. Ifhe would heal her fully, it would change my world. Now, you said Raziel, havent heard of him but will buy the book. What about Michael?

It’s okay that book is written for both complete beginners and very experienced magicians alike. You’ll have no problem getting into it.

They are easy to connect with if you know how. That book allows you to connect with them easily and it is very powerful in my experience.

I don’t see how his powers in the context of that book will help this situation but perhaps you will find a way to also bring him into the situation.

You should also read the chapter ‘The Basic Calling’ in there, it might help if you perform ‘The Circle of Power’ ritual in that chapter before you do rituals with the Archangels.

Ok, thats good to know. To connect with them im sure it will say it in the book but do you think candles and statues help or not needed? I mentioned michael cause i guess hes a popular one and thought he was a powerful but i think hes only more for protection correct? Also, I do have the book Archangels of Magick that i ordered and havent read cause i was seeking financial freedom, Im sure that book wouldnt apply to this at all? Its by damin brand

All I do is call their names. works for me, dunno if it’s universal. I used to thiink evocation was a whole thing. Maybe I’m making it weaker that way?

yea i dont think that it will be as easy for me. I actually have tried to call raphael before with a green candle and sat there for 30 mins and got nothing. Some are more gifted

This here is really important.
Cerebral palsy cannot be cured yet (by humans) which of course does not mean we will never be able to do so, and which does not mean an angel cannot heal it. They can.
But even though your wish is completely natural, don’t make the mistake to only hope for the ultimate healing, and fail to see the progress your child is making (I’m not assuming you do, I’m just warning you of falling into this kind of state).
Give her the therapy she needs, and ask Raphael to help her with it, so it is more succesful, while still working towards a way to fully heal her.
The combination is important. The mindset that everything is possible, and the willingness to work for even the smallest improvment.


It’s not needed at all and the workings in the book don’t use or require any additional ‘tools’. But you can light some candles around the sigil if it gives you a sense of power, but personally I’ve never used anything else other than the sigils.

Yes he is mainly associated with protection but Archangels have been called on a lot throughout history, so from place to place you will probably find people say he can be called for ANYTHING, which is also something talked about in the book, but he’s most strong in matters of protection.

Yes that is the book I’m talking about lol, quite a coincidence. If you seek help with matters of wealth, I recommend working with Archangel Tzadkiel, I good experience with him in that regard :slight_smile:

celebral palsey is only one of the diagnoses, not her main. I want to heal the main problem that affects other areas. Specifically her speech and how her brain processes stuff. She has septo optic dysplasia which effects her entire being. If it cant be healed i understand, shes 13 now and i know what it is. A spirit is my only hope aside from progression but that will always be a challenge

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It’s a very shakey method and is prone to attracting parasites or other entities, personally I wouldn’t recommend it for this situation. It’s also just a bit too basic, not to say it can’t work, it definitely can, but likely won’t be as powerful for a beginner, sometimes even for very experienced magicians.

Yes I want to say it is unlikely but I don’t want to say it is impossible, as I have heard some rather miraculous things from time to time. So just keep an open mind OP, and that book does make some important notes about using magick for healing so just keep that in mind.

So she’s not as drastically developing but the fact that she is so young is still an advantage to this situation.

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Sorry, I didnt even realize that was the book, i misread what you said lol. Well that works out great then i already have it. Im a get on it. So i assume only certain parts of the book would be what im asking for. Sorry for all the questions and thanks for everyones patience explaining. This is kinda a big subject and i know noone fully has the true answer if it will happen or not. I wasnt sure what angel to go to for wealth either so thanks for the recommendation on who to work with. After i read the book i might come back to this thread

I mean shes come a long way for what it is but shes prob going to live with me for a very long time, only time will tell if she will be able to drive and what kind of jobs she can have, these are the issues she faces more than me. But its not a drastic progression and this is why i seek help from a spirit