Spirits that help with law matters

So is there any spirits or demons that help with law matter . That will make you win your case no matter
The circumstances? In need of help quickly thank you !!

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BELIAL for my vote.


Always King Belial for this in my opinion


Belial is indeed a good bet for legal matters.


BELIAL, absolutely.

Just evoke him and he will do miracles in your life.

I even managed to skip the military service in my country (which is mandatory) with the help of Belial


Belial is great for that. You should also get planet Saturn in your favor, Saturn is the planet of justice after-all.

You can also work with Archangel Raguel, he is almost always referred to as the archangel of justice, fairness, harmony, vengeance and redemption, but I have not worked with him for any legal matter and I do not know if he will make you win your case no matter the circumstances.

If you want multiple spirits to work on the same task, always make sure that they are fine with working the other spirits.


yes, he did miracles with my issue. He is indeed very powerful .


Will belial help pass a lie detector test even if you are lying ?

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I think lie detectors pick up on increased heart rate with lying and stress goes along with it. It is possible to be deceptive and pass one ,but it is usually difficult for an ordinary person to do. Not sure ?

The book demons of deception by Corwin Hargrove has quite a few that may be helpful. It includes situations like blur the truth, appear trustworthy, make people forgetful, etc. You should be able to preview the first part of the book for free on amazon.

Also, I have always heard lie detector is not usable in court so maybe seek out a spirit who can help beef up your defense lawyer and foul up the opposing party. Its harder for them to win if they lose/forget important documents, have airhead paralegals constantly quit, an overworked judge working through an allergy meds fog, and so on.

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Thank you

I highly recommend to use and fuse Belial and King Paimon for this task @Virgowitch . As that combo is very solid for things like this. I can pretty much guarantee you success if you do. However note that your success will only be guatanteed if you play your cards right as in use these entities strategically to influence the outcome. Only then will your case go the way you want, meaning you’ll likely win and come out safe and sound on the other side.

I only notified to you to see to see the edit.

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How do that. Anything will help. I needed this. Considering I am still new to evocations. Any suggestions will truly help me with my current change in life. Ty

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Evoke them and ask for their help and make sure you are being tricked by parasites.

Thank you so much

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If you can’t sense spirits, how would you know that you aren’t being tricked?

Trust your intuition. Perform banishings before evocation. If you are in contact with an experienced occultist, ask them to bind your home or ritual-place in a way that no unwanted entities can come in your home.

Now coming to planet Saturn (Shani), if your problems are because of Saturn, you can work-with/worship Hanuman, he can save you from all malefic effects of Saturn. If you decide to worship Hanuman, remember that he’s a Satvic deity and he does not like blood, alcohol, animal sacrifices and all that stuff. I would also advise you to stay away from alcohol, especially during day-time because that could cause more Saturn related problems. If you have iron stuff lying on your roof then remove them, it will help too.

I have heard that donating medicines to people in need is a good remedy for Shani related problems. According to this site, you can do this in Pushya, Anurada, Uttara, or in Bhadrapad nakshatra.

Ask an astrologer what other remedies you can do in this situation.

Warning: I don’t know about your situation but if you are the wrong one in whatever situation you are in, I would advise you to stay away from Hanuman.

If you work with Belial, be very clear and specific about what you want and don’t let him fill in the blanks, and never promise anything to Belial that you won’t be able to fulfill.

According to many experienced occultists, the big guys like Belial almost always come when you evoke them. Even if you think they are not there.
Work on your astral senses and learn to trust your intuition.