Spirits that can help you succeed in investing and crypto

What are the best spirits to work with that help you maximize your investments or choose the wisest investments that will help you get the most return?


Shinto 7 lords of luck, Kubera; hindu God of wealth, Plutus Roman God of Wealth, Roman Goddess Abundantia


What have your personal experiences been with each of them?

I’ve worked with Goetia, KoF, NAP and other systems.
But my personal preference still Lucifuge Rofocale and Clauneck.


What is KoF? I’m not familiar with that book. I am familiar with Clauneck the demon of wealth though. Alot of people seem to love him and he never seems to lack for offerings. Don’t know too much about Lucifuge though but I have heard EA talk about him. Is he similar to Lucifer or another variation of him and what can he help with?

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Lucifuge Rofocale

Good Luck :moneybag:


FACT: The jade emperor rules over cosmic wealth, you can build a relationship with him and offer him your gratitude and start calling him by his name/titles Then build him an altar. Hao Tian Jin Que Wu Shang Zhi Zun Zi Ran Miao You Mi Luo Zhi Zun Yu Huang Da Di.
‘Most Venerable Highest Jade Emperor of All-Embracing Sublime Spontaneous Existence of the Heavenly Golden Palace’

Taoist sorcerers will provide you with amulets for your wealth. Have you tried contacting your ancestors? Chances are you have an ancestor that is an expert investor/enterpreneur and he is more than happy to guide/mentor/counsel you

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Can you recommend a good book related to the jade emperor and other Chinese spirits (that’s in English)? I don’t know much about Taoist magick or traditional Chinese magick at all so I wouldn’t know where to begin.

I also don’t know much about ancestral magick either unfortunately but I do know that I have several ancestors who were entrepreneurial business people and maybe one of them might know (or not idk).

So do you happen to know anyone who can do that? Off the top of my head all I can think of is maybe Paralda or Thoth.

Jade emperor = Vedic god INDRA = Thor = Heru.
For taoism as a magical system “Transform stress into vitality” by Mantak Chia is good for beginner. Remember Health=Wealth. More energy= More/better investments. Time is the most valued resource
Build an altar for your ancestors and another for Jade Emperor. Offer food/water and include the 5 elements. Include pictures/names of the ancestors you know and thank them, talk to them, consider them your friends and they will hear you
You might want to try chaos magic also, is not so difficult for beginners. Try creating your own sigil/servitors for money/wealth/business

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I use the book 7 Occult Money Rituals. It includes angels, the archangel Metatron, some earth spirits, and the god Jupiter.

You can try to play the markets if you really want to, but I’d only do so if you really, really know what you are doing. Most people who try to pick stocks fail miserably. Just to be clear, I think investing in stocks is a very good idea, but (this is not financial advice don’t sue me) I just buy and hold the S&P500 index. The S&P is basically a large collection of a wide variety of public companies, so you spread out your exposure and minimize your risk. You know how they say not to put all your eggs in one basket? This is like getting a whole bunch of different baskets all at once. The number changes depending on what source you look at or what data you choose to use, but you can expect around a 7-10% annual return on the S&P.

I see a lot of people get interested in investing because they want to make some money. That’s great because investing is imo the best way to make money. You basically buy money.

You should get yourself educated if you don’t want to be a sucker. In all honesty, crypto was sort of my gateway drug way back in the day as well (I bought bitcoin at like $4k and sold at $6k and thought I was pretty clever). Nothing wrong with owning a little crypto, but you should really learn about more “normal” finance things like diversification and fixed income securities (fancy term for bonds). Bonds are basically you lending money to the government or a corporation. You get a set payment every so often and then however much you paid for the bond when it expires, so fixed income cause you know exactly how much you’ll get paid and when.

Finance is full of ridiculous sounding words and acronyms that sound all fucking complicated but really aren’t that bad. Yo dog I’m FOMOing on some TSLA puts can you give me some leverage so I can set up a straddle volatility’s lookin pretty TSLA right about now (I didn’t say long or short the puts) (I don’t remember which greek is volatility, clearly I’m not an options trader). Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but honestly, you’re not really missing out. Unless you want to go to a fancy-pants school you probably won’t get into and learn a bunch of math and programming, just fuckin buy and hold. You’ll probably make more money than the people trying to place bets.

Personally, I do real estate for money. I’m pretty sure a third grader could do this. Ok maybe not as well as I do it but it’s not algorithmically trading options on currency futures contracts to make $0.02 per trade. You just buy some fuckin houses, maybe knock down some walls and change the tiles or something. If you do it smart you can make a lot of money, and doing that is pretty easy.

The reason I like the book 7 Occult Money Rituals is because most of the magick is more about unfucking your financial emotions. I’ve had some weird intuitive moments, but usually it’s not like the numbers appear in a rainbow that leads you to the pot of gold at the end. It’s more like keeping you sharp between the ears, cleaning out the crap, helping yourself make not stupid financial decisions. I do believe that those who summon Jupiter, the god of wealth, tend to be the ones who make fortunes for themselves.


Now that I think about it there’s a book I found months ago but haven’t put to work named Magical Cashbook by Damon Brand. Perhaps you can find it and take advantage of it

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I’ve had some success working with Phra Rahu. He’s a Thai deity who blocks out negative astrological and spiritual influences do good luck and fortune can flow in. Normally he is petitioned during the new and full moon of each month. He’s then given offerings of cola, black grapes, black liquor, black coffee, black cigarettes, black cakes and other black foods. I like to give him cola, coffee, amaretto, clove cigarettes, black licorice, and chocolate moon pies.


Why specifically those things if he’s a thai spirit? Shouldn’t he likes rice cakes, curries, durian or something more thai?

I have that book and have read it but I never got around to using it yet.

It’s not so much those things but the color of them. He’s an eclipse deity and loves the color black. Those are the items that most modern Ajarns offer him. I’ll try to find a good article about him to share. I bought a blessed and carved coconut with his image that I work with along with a blessed coconut dust amulet dedicated to him. He’s an excellent spirit and his kata is pretty simple.


Interesting! I look forward to it. :slight_smile:

It really does and try my best to understand it but I’m not gonna pretend it’s not difficult. I have watched videos on it for years though and have always been interested in it even if I had trouble picking it up. I started with looking into buying gold and silver to counter inflation which led me to bitcoin way back in 2015. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to buy any or where to store it and apparently know one else I talked to knew either (or just weren’t telling me) which sucked at the time because it was around $16.00 to $20.00. I did look into investing and few years later did invest in some but I still didn’t really know what I was doing. I’m doing penny stocks now and so far I have already doubled what I put in but I have feeling I’m just getting lucky.

So you have been following Robert Kiyosaki’s method! Kudos! It’s hard to argue with the classics especially when it works so well. I had a uncle who owned a bunch real-estate properties back he 2000s. Now he’s moved on to buying land now and from what I can tell he’s doing pretty well.

I do have that book as well but I have always struggled with the visualization exercises in the book and imaging how being wealthy or just anything might feel. It might be down to my own limited life experiences but whatever the reason I just can’t imagine how certain things would feel like if I have yet to experience them.

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So you do have the book? Keep using it. The energy will expand.

I realize there’s a bit more to this, but it’s easier than people think once you get a bit educated. You shouldn’t let fear keep you away from building wealth. Here are links to good youtube channels - link, link, link, link.

With ritual 1, imagine yourself in various situations in which you spend money. See yourself buying groceries, buying gas, paying expenses, buying stuff on the internet, buying food at restaurants, buying investments, maybe doing things you’d only be able to do with some more money, buying whatever it is you buy or want to buy, and feel the ease that radiates off the golden white light within you. It is a warm, comforting feeling, devoid of all tension or fear. It’s not about imagining yourself in a top hat and monocle, laughing in rich. It’s about feeling so at ease with spending money, buying stuff, and it not being a problem or concern at all (because you have more money than you need). Keep doing this ritual when the time comes around, and you’ll start to notice that spending money either doesn’t make you feel anything at all, or it makes you feel good cause you got some cool stuff.

Investing probably seems confusing because you’ve had it explained to you by less than ideal teachers. It really is more or less as simple as buy and hold. If you want less risk, buy more bonds. More risk and more potential returns, buy stocks. You can buy commodities for diversification if you really want to, but be wary about trying to time the market. Usually, people buy commodities if they think stocks are going to dip, as usually stocks outperform commodities big time. If you want protection against inflation, inflation tends to cause asset prices to increase regardless of what they are, so that means stocks get inflated just like precious metals (there are also TIPS - treasury inflation protected securities, but again this is getting more complicated than it needs to be for most people).

I am not a certified financial adviser, so you should probably talk to one you can trust. They should be able to explain how to set up a portfolio and be able to talk to you about your financial goals.

Time in the market beats timing the market. Stocks tend to go up. When they go down, they tend to go back up and go even higher than the last time. You can try to play the stock-picking game, but unless you are analyzing financial statements or doing financial statistics, you’re basically pulling on a slot machine but with better odds. There are worse things that you could be doing, but 99% of social media finance influencers are frauds. Making money in a stock bull market is very easy. But why stress yourself out when you can diversify your risk across pretty much all the stocks with the S&P and get great returns while doing nothing?

I haven’t actually read Robert Kiyosaki so I don’t know his exact strategy. I use the BRRRR method - buy rehab rent refinance repeat. The reason I like it is because you get to use credit, aka financial leverage, and because you get to recycle your money over and over again because you took out the mortgage at the end of the process instead of the beginning. Google it for more info. Read the book.

Stocks are good, but if you want to make big money, then you need to raise capital. Getting credit or debt or loans lets you invest more money (and so make more money). Doing this with stocks is very risky, but with rental properties your rental income covers the mortgage payments. So that way you get to own the house, which goes up, collect a bit of income, pay off the debt so that it becomes actual liquid money you come to own, and just keep doing that over and over. You could also start a company and give away equity in exchange for capital (that’s what Bezos and Musk did, for example, and startups like Uber), or start an investment fund and charge your customers a fee for investing their money for them.

I could go on, and I have talked about finance more in my thread I write in every week, but those channels I linked to include basic financial information and free lectures by a good finance professor that is exactly like what they teach in top finance graduate programs.

I’ve learned a reasonable amount about finance, and I use by far almost none of it. Most of it has been me learning that there’s no reason to try and trade or do anything fancy like that when you have the power of credit with the BRRRR real estate strategy. It does help though to develop some basic spreadsheet know-how for doing financial projections (create a template deal and use conservative numbers for every cost and potential income, say you have $X to invest, model it out across like 4 years and see what happens) and managing your portfolio, and also modeling out different scenarios for risk management (like various amounts of vacancy for various amounts of time, like 20% vacancy for 3 months - what happens).

Usually when I go off about finance, I get interrupted and they say they don’t have the money and that getting it is impossible. No. It’s not. Do the magick. Maybe get a better job. Maybe get some business partners or investors. If it takes you pooling together money with 4 other people to buy your first deal, that is absolutely 100% worth it. Making $20 a month in passive income and owning 1/5th of a house may not sound impressive, but once you get started it tends to just keep growing. Maybe wait a couple months and then buy yourself a top-shelf bottle of whiskey with your free money, or a 10 course meal. Get a taste for it. I talk about my business interests with pretty much everyone - grocery store clerks, friends, pretty much every single new person I meet. Sometimes, they offer to give you money. It’s ironic, but it’s probably easier to raise $10 million than it is to raise $10,000. If you show people who have money that you have a solid way to make some money, some of them will probably want to invest. How do you think they got the money in the first place?


Satan, because His metal is silver and I take mine weight/purity stamped and in-the-hand.