Spirits that can give you success with Bitcoin trading and investing!

Hi guys, Does anyone on know of any spirits that can help with Bitcon trading and investing?? I am trying to get better at that!!

                                                    Thanx for your input!!
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Any spirit for wealth creation could help. Bime and Clauneck.

Also Bathin is good with business as well. That’s one of his offices that is highly underrated.

I’ve worked with Bathin extensively and he is an awesome spirit.


I just started working with Riprinay on this vary topic. I’ll update in a bit once everything shakes out.


Any update please? :eyes: I’m interested in his power lately.

Lucifuge rofocale can provide for any kind of material goods and since in old grimores he was known for making one rich quickly he would be perfect for trading and investments

I have a good friend that made a lot of money and I mean a LOT with duchess bune with her guidance and suggestions he became rich

Fortuna the Greek goddess she is also very good for works related to wealth and luck

Honestly, it didn’t pan out for me. Not sure if I misinterpreted what he said, my timing was off, or something else, but I didn’t really have success.


Maybe you learned something that will help you be successful there in the future? Like what not to do, or some like stuff?

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Hopefully, yeah. I didn’t lose much money at all, so no harm came from it at least!


Well then it’s hard to say it was completely unsuccessful because sometimes… sometimes I think with investments and luck related magic that what we are actually trying to do is tip the scales in our favor.

It’s hard to tip the scales in our favor in some cases, because we might not know what criteria we need to shift, so we are generically shifting favor up or down and hoping it’s the right way.

So any shift of favor to your side is a win imop, because lots of people don’t manage to affect the scale at all- which leads to them manifesting what they were intended to-loss, the bigger the better lol. :rofl::rofl:


Like maybe instead of making ourselves more lucky, we should have made the competitors market less stable or some other weird shit we don’t normally think of when we are doing the same thing everyone else is lol.

But that’s the thing sometimes too, doing what everyone else might be the wrong approach.


Thanks for your reply, I’ll keep these points in mind with this kind of magick.

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Back when I used to do this, I’ve found Satonder helpful long term and Zachi for short term boosts. From “Angels of Fortune” by Rose Manning. Overlooked book that’s very helpful. They’re not like the Apex entities or anything, but they deliver and are pretty darn good.

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She is definitely the lady to help you with finances! I would also suggest Lord Mammon and maybe Nitika.

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Did some guy lose all of his bitcoin recently? It’s all over the news.

Be careful with this bitcoin/cryptocurrency stuff.

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