Spirits/Demons to facilitate forgiveness/letting go

As we all do, I have a bit of baggage. Mostly from family relationships, abusive households, etc., I find it pretty much affecting every relationship that I enter whether it be friendships, business, or romantic. I quite literally will freeze up when I have to trust people.

I’m tired of these “demons” (if you will) following me and keeping me from really being happy in my life.

I go to therapy, I meditate often, and the main message I’ve been getting from Spirit lately is to “let go”. I just don’t know how. No idea where to start.

Does anyone know of any deities/spirits/demons that would be very active in facilitating this great release with me? Or any other *witchy ways I can go about healing myself? Thank you all in advance

Angel Laviah can make you overcome your enemies rather than punishing them, as for forgiveness, there is a ritual from Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand that encourages forgiveness, you can find it on docdroid… And Archangel Raphael would be the one for healing


Archangel Michael can also help you to cut emotional cords to people. But be ready for an emotional ride for a few days after that. Going through all the pain in a time lapse, before it fades away.
At least that’s how it felt for me.


Lol all archangels so far. Zadkiel can also help with forgiveness and transmuting negative thoughts/emotions and past hurts/traumas. It’s not an easy ride, but it’s a ride that’s definitely worth it.

There’s also this from @Lady_Eva

Best of luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much :heart:


Thank you! It’s been an emotional ride identifying what it is exactly that I’m hurt from… now to put it to rest :heart:

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Thank you soooo very much for this comment. I love this exercise idea. I will most definitely try it.


I am SOO glad I found this post. I NEED to move on. From everything. I will be calling on Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel, Clementia, Set, Astarte and Amaterasu to help deal with this, and then I will move on and continue with the rest of my life. And I shall be doing the exercise. I. Need. To. Move. On. And. Respect. My. Self.

Thank you all!


The angels of love of Zanna from GOM, the first ritual

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Marbas, Lilith, Rashoone, aphrodite is good too.