Spirits Can Only Do So Much - Focus and Work Hard!

I make this confession to you all here at BALG as a warning:

Earlier this week, my lazy ass did something very stupid that cost me a good job with benefits that I desperately needed. As much as I’m going through right now, and King Paimon, Duchess Bune, and others helped me to get this job. I know they are upset with me. I am more than upset with myself. My friends who have supported me, say learn from this expensive lesson and move on. I have to find something soon. (I may have to work at McDonald’s for the time being. I hate McDonald’s! I don’t want to work at fucking Mickey D’s!)

So as a warning, do the meditations, the rituals and the petitions. But, it is just as and even more important to remain focused on your intent, get up off your ass, and work hard. Be truly willing to do what it takes to get what you need and desire!

Thanks for reading.

Peace and blessings.


I quoted Belial in a previous post:

I understand what he is saying now. I had one chance to prove myself. I fucked up. No second chances.

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It’s a good advice and speech of Belial is cool.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

And Good Luck!

Never Give Up👍

As an example of someone willing to do what it takes and got rewarded for it:

A CEO gave his car to an employee who walked 20 miles to work.

An entire community helped this man get a new car after hearing his story.

“I love making people’s lives less stressful, and this company spoke to me. I didn’t want the company to think I was making excuses… I won’t be calling in sick unless I am actually sick.” Carr told Newsweek on his new car phone.

“Within a minute of talking to him, I knew he was special,” said Knighten. “The way he talked, he didn’t ask for a handout. I don’t think I would walk 20 to 30 miles to a job, and he’s been through a lot." Carr moved from New Orleans in 2005 after his home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

“I’ve never been in a situation like that… I excused myself from the room, and cried a couple of times,” Lamey told Newsweek.

You said Demons helped you get that job.
Whatever happened was probably a test you failed with.

Trust them to help you back up again!



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