Spirit who will help me.move?

Want to move back to my hometown whats a good spirit to conjure for that?

You don’t need the help of a spirit for any single obstacle you face.
Although ,tell me which problem you’re facing and I might be of assistance.

King Paimon helped me move into a house recently.

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Like this? (kidding)
In all seriousness, if its a money issue go for Bune. If its not, go for your most convenient moving service


He helped with the mountain of paperwork and just finding the right place at the right time. Life has been pretty good recently.


There is a demon in the Goetia who can “transport people from one place to another” who may be able to help. I can’t remember his name off the top of my head though.


Bathin, maybe?

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I suggest the demon Comcast. You can just call them and they switch your cable over to your next location with no hassle… because the entire hassle was having this cable service.

I actually thought for a moment there may be a demonic moving service and I was like: “Man, that would be nice. Imps come back the boxes and move 'em in their little moving vans (Though now I’m only seeing camels, thanks fo @Akashiel). Mysterious, I think I have a business idea!”

(Mysterious groans somewhere loudly in the distance.)

Kidding aside, it would definitely be more helpful if we knew the obstacles that were keeping you from your move. For example, as @Akashiel mentioned, Bune could help with securing funding.


I açtually thought I could find a list for you but i couldn’t the one who helped me was king paimon he gave me a nice place to live try him other then him I think andras maybe… But do not take my word on that one


Odin or Azazel

Good call! It is indeed Bathin I was thinking of.

There is also Gaap, who can “carry a man from one kingdom to another.”


Gaap was who I was thinking of thanks for that

@DarkestKnight that demons name is Gaap from the Goetia he has the ability to move you from one place to another…

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Is this real? How?

The entity may alter some circumstances in such a way that the summoner will be able to go where he/she wishes.
Perhaps (I don’t know if it actually happens) the spirits sometimes “contact” other ones in order to reach the goal; for example, if it is needed to influence people’s mind, Bathin or Gaap will work together with Dantalion.

Hi! And can they move a person physically from a land to other?

No they probably would not. They can move small objects over a short distance, but (even if they could) they would likely not do it with humans.

So writing lies about this in the goetia book!

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No they can help you travel by arranging things for it to be easier

Oh thanks!