Spirit vs human girl sex


With that attitude she’ll ignore you unless you pester her, defame her, and act like an ass.

If you believe that you’re going to get bad from such a relationship then stay away. As I see it… you are just trolling and FUCKING LAZY.

God, the information is everywhere and easy to find. I can’t stand idiot fat lazy trolls. And you are one.

Or a robo


Thank you, always wanted to be a idiot


Just don’t be a ass and the succubi will make you feel stuff you have never felt before lol


Got it, treat her like any other mortal girl



Did you practiced this technique? It seems very promising. I’m gonna try this technique together with my succubi companions.

I don’t know if I understood the instructions 100% because English is not my native language…

I never feel energy moving up the spine or something… Maybe because i’m totally concentrating on my dick and thoughts. So if your about to orgasm is that the time when you need to hold your breath?

So at the fifth chakra I have to bend the sexual energy 90 degrees out of the back of my body? And then it flows automatically back into your body and rejuvenated your entire system? With my consciousness / thoughts / willpower I have to steer my sexual energy ?

Also, you have to hold your breath 9/10 lung capacity

This procedure seems very hard to do lol. Do I have to practice it daily? So if you get this right, you can cum as much as you want but you won’t lose your vital energy? It is being re circulated in your system and rejuvenatjng everything.

What exactly can one reach with this recirculating energy? Can you physically heal your body of all ailments? Inceasing intelligence? Opening chakras?

Does it rejuvate all chakras? The entire system?


Lol I’m not that experienced bro and I will try doing this too and see what results I can achieve but I think perhaps users who are more experienced in magick can help :thinking: @DarkestKnight could you shine some light on this topic if you have any idea? :heart:



Yeah it looks very promising. I will offer up my nofap streak to practice this technique.

What a good excuse to end a nofap streak btw :joy:
Oh well, I was only 3 weeks in so…

I’m going to practice this technique daily, to see
if there will be any difference.

You can take this whole nofap thing out of the equation if you can manage to circulate your sexual energy.

You can shoot your semen but your vital life force won’t be affected. It’s a win-win situation.

I have this feeling that it can certainly boost the energies of the chakras and stimulate them in order to open astral senses.


So I can see my succubus physically?


Yes, but not always. It may take awhile for you to see her in the real world, the astral world is easier.


Lol ur back at it again with questions that have been answered so many times…im assuming that you want her to physical come and have intercourse with you on the physical plane… No that won’t happen to you…in some rare cases I guess its possible… But I don’t see it happening any time soon… And do some research bro ur asking questions that have been asked numerous times already, you can sometimes see her like short glimpses and so on but astrally u can see her much better


This is a sacrifice of a true warrior

You’re one lucky mofo :joy:

Yeah I think that is what it this technique is about good luck… I’m also gonna do this and see what results I can achieve


Dude, simply stop, you obviously are here for lulz.

I’m not impressed, and neither is anyone else. If i had the authority, I’d have banned you a while back, but you parasites get yours eventually.

You don’t care about succubi, just as you don’t care about anyone else in your life.

Thread moved to New Magician Help. If it doesn’t start becoming useful or continues being troll-y, I’ll probably send some messages.


No difference: state of consciousness is the key to both. Physical is just an aspect of the spiritual that you are particularly attached to.


So I can only see demons in the astral World?



I think this user @Life_Mind_Blowns is wasting our time. And is only here for trolling… Or mentally instable. Can you please ban him/her ?

I mean look at the questions he’s asking… it’s getting really annoying now. We don’t need this.


just read some of @succupedia 's articles. The question are already answered, if you have a question you can’t use the magnifying glass on the top right.


I don’t mean to bug ya guys, I’m new at this becomeing a god thing


Don’t ban me


I know, supid question


I feel like a idiot sometimes, probably because I’m a idiot