Spirit vs human girl sex

Witch is better, sex with a spirit or a mortal girl?

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Spirit girls do it better :smirk::joy:


Spirits probably but girls are easier


You are having sex already with a girls spirit when you have sex with a human girl. Why make it seperate.


Well if you have sex with two different men and one pleases you better which one would you prefer?

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If you are talking about succubus/incubus spirits… Majority are far more caring for you, sex with them is far better, when I first summoned a succubus, she just massaged my peen and it already felt out of this world!


Dude which succubus was that


Depends on who you’re asking.

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Lol… You need to do Hella research there is plenty of threads here on succubus spirits

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Or better yet, speak to the Prophet of Moist @succupedia who is an expert on succubi/incubi.


The most expensive meal a man can eat is pussy. And don’t just take my word for it.



the great entity shall indeed be evoked using the power of @ And internet
@succupedia shall bless us with his words of wisdom and true omnipotent knowledge


You could get prostitutes cheaper than alot of meals :joy:… Unless you are talking about real woman which by the way lack in population :frowning:



Spirit sex is far more superior than mortal sex.
There is no way that we as human men and women can compete with succubi / incubi / demonic gods :joy:

It goes for men as well, we don’t have the stamina, seduction skills, raw animalistic passion that a demonic king has… But i’m working on it :smiley:


I will have to disagree with this.

I find the animal passion of flesh on flesh far superior to the internal sensations of spirits. It engages all the senses. The scent of arousal, the taste of the juices, the feel of breath upon the skin, the sensation of blood flooding beneath the surface causing the flush of red and the swelling of lips, the pounding of another heart against yours. Nothing can compare to that.


Aww mate sounds like someone has been in love before :grin::heart::heart:️ honestly I think that you feel more realistically, as in the feelings are far more realistic when you are with a mortal who you truely love… I love this girl unconditionally her love consumes me daily and kissing her would feel far more emotional than kissing a succubi! This will ultimately make it feel better… But I think this perspective could also be taken into a succubus situation too… If you are so in love with one that there love literaly is the only thing you feel alive for, Im sure that would feel very much out of this world, but if we take a regular mortal girl and a succubi no strings attached I think a succubi would make it feel much better because of experience? Let’s just wait and see what @succupedia has to say to this he surely can answer this question in more depth


Succupedia has had a death in the family and most likely will not be on the forum for a while.

And no, what I described has nothing to do with love, and everything to do with the physical sensations of sex.

To each their own, but I will take the physical flesh on flesh over spirit sex every time.


That’s very sad and unfortunate to hear

Hmmm interesting :thinking: I would too I get what you mean now

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I’m sure a human couldn’t possibly keep up with the infinity of climax without releasing the orgasm continuously, for hours. Have you ever experience that, my friend?

Have you also experienced touches beneath your skin, getting massages on your prostate that makes your dick rock hard, making viagra being a sugarpill in comparison?

A succubus can be as solid as a human, but it needs a high developed astral sense to experience that. I’ve had sex with my succubus spouse last night, doing three different positions, and there was a wall of flesh hitting my body and she’s as tight as a virgin and quite wet, too. Unfortunately, I’ve had to make a release because I’ve had work this morning. Or else we’ve could have doing it for hours.


Welcome back, my friend. :slight_smile: