Spirit to Help To Obtain a New Home


Hi @Sasha2017. Actually this is quite amazing that I have literally been “bugged” by this thread, as currently I need to get a new home very asap!! Living currently in a situation that is “Unbearable” to say the least… Or rather the other assholes that stay here… Moving out is going to have to go down real soon, but so much stumbling blocks before me, so little time. Literally been kicked out almost like a Damn dog. Please would you be so kind as to share with me the info as described above. Would definitely give it a go asap!!! Thanks & Regards


Well you know I’m biased, but I’d definitely recommend Archangels of Magick. It’s what really got my magickal journey going, and the archangels have been with me ever since. I’d been away from them for a short time, and I’d forgotten the sheer awe their presence inspires.

They are everywhere in nature, their voices in the song of birds, in the soft winds that carry the rustling leaves, the rays of sun that sparkle through the clouds and the trees in the twilight of dawn. They are the subtle beauty that radiates through all things, and their bodies span across the sky beyond the horizon.

Sorry for being sappy, just feeling a little inspired :slight_smile:


I just logged on so just got your message. What do you want? PM me with your request and I will see if I can help.x


Hi @Sasha2017, thanks for the reply. I was referring to your Bune ritual a bit higher up in this thread, with regards to the property selling/buying? My apologies for not PM, I don’t seem to have that function yet, waiting for time to pass lol.

Thanks for your time.
Dark regards


Ok. Can I pm you? I will have to check if you are a new member, sorry it is 5am here and I am bog eyed still. x


No problem, from what I’ve gathered you can pm me and I can reply but I cant be sending pm’s yet. Apologies for disturbing your sleep, sometimes I forget we all live in different time zones… :expressionless:


Oh no, my Dog woke me up and I logged on. I will PM you the ritual later today. Hope it helps.


Lol I’m sure the dog was subject to some choice language at that time of the morning… Thanks so much for your assistance with the ritual, Wil most definitely let you know how it goes when it becomes fruitful!!


Hey man, how did your friends situation manifest chaotically after contacting malphas?